Problems: Solved


1. Some parents attend 9am worship and take their kids/students to Sunday School after 10am, when church is over. SOLVED—the schedule is no longer staggered so if kids are in Sunday School at 9:30, parents will be in either Sunday School or worship at the same time.

2. Some members attend 9am worship, then leave the service during the sermon to attend their class that begins at 9:30. SOLVED—Both Sunday School and worship begin at the same time.

3. Some members attend 9am worship and leave the sanctuary at 10am, whether the service is finished or not. SOLVED—classes will not have time to meet between the services, so at 9:30, they will be in either the sanctuary or their classroom.

4. Some parents don’t bring their kids to their classrooms at 9:30, but rather drop them off at 9:45. Children miss the beginning of the lesson. CAN BE SOLVED—this is solved when parents just commit to Sunday School beginning at 9:30, and not adjust their personal class schedule.

5. Since Sunday School is finished at 10:30, some parents are late in claiming their preteens because their adult class meets until 10:45. CAN BE SOLVED—when parents commit to starting class at 9:30 and ending at 10:30.

6. Some parents and grandparents (whose class meets between the services) will drop off their kids at 10am, and then go to their own class. SOLVED—because grandparents will drop off their grandchildren at 9:30 and then attend either worship or Sunday School at the same hour.

7. Some members attend only their class and do not attend worship. CAN BE SOLVED, BUT STILL A PERSONAL CHOICE—each member must be committed to both worship and Sunday School.

8. Some members attend only worship and do not attend Bible study. CAN BE SOLVED, BUT STILL A PERSONAL CHOICE—each member must be committed to both worship and Sunday School.

9. Some classes who meet between the services do not get a full hour of Bible study, prayer time, and fellowship. SOLVED—each class now has a full hour for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study, at either hour, 9:30 or 11:00.

10. Some members who meet between the services are rushed to get from one event to another. SOLVED—both worship and Sunday School end at the same time with plenty of time to get from one event to the other. We now have the opportunity to visit with guests, greet one another, visit the restroom, get some coffee, and no one has to wait for another class to vacate their room (if a classroom is shared) since worship and Bible study end simultaneously.

11. Some members experience a conflict between attending their class and attending the church wide event between the services…Baptisms, Child Dedications, Deacon Ordinations, Receptions / Fellowship Events, Occasional Business to Approve. SOLVED—worship and Sunday School can both end a little early so we can have a church wide event at 10:30.

12. This current staggered schedule creates a noise factor in two locations:

Two classes are currently sharing the fellowship hall at the same time. SOLVED—we can separate the two classes meeting in the fellowship hall (Good News remain in the fellowship hall while Agape moves to a  classroom down the adult hallway).

People talking in the foyer on their way to and from class, disturbing worshipers at 9:30 and classes at 10:30. SOLVED—since worship and Bible study end at the same time, there is no longer any noise disruption in the hallways.


Please understand that your discipleship leadership team discussed other possible schedules and chose this schedule to be the most efficient in meeting the needs of the greatest number of people.

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