The Noble Man Group


The Noble Men meet on various Saturday mornings throughout the year.
Breakfast is at 8am and the study begins around 8:30, and we’re out the door by 9:30.
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Beginning in 2022, we have been going through the Real Men of the Bible Series:
Abraham (2022) | Joseph (2023) | Joshua (2024)

February 17: Exodus 17:8-16, Exodus 24:12-14, Exodus 33:7-11
The Purpose: To demonstrate the importance of every man being a mentor and having a mentor.
The Point: Mentorship is a lost practice in our self-centered, time-crunched culture. This session identifies the biblical mandate for mentorship and shows an actual example of successful mentoring.

March 16: Numbers 13:27-28, 30-31, and 14:1-9
Secondary Passage: 2 Timothy 3:12
The Purpose: To remind men that God’s presence is a constant encouragement to us.
The Point: If God says it will be done, you can trust that it will be done. If God says He is with you, you can trust that He is with you. As men, we must take the promise that God is with us as an opportunity to boldly and confidently submit to and obey His authority. His plans will be accomplished in and through our lives. We can either stand with Him through it all (like Joshua and Caleb) or be found falling short (like the other ten spies). But either way, God will accomplish is purposes.

April 20: Joshua 1:1-9
The Purpose: To understand that when we know that God is with us, this knowledge will empower us to live with strength and courage.
The Point: Moses’ time was about up. God chose Joshua to take over the post of commander and chief of Israel. To lead a nation of people in a godly way, Joshua must possess an abundance of worthy character traits, and towards the top of that list are courage and strength. People naturally follow strength. For those under your leadership, whether it’s family or co-workers, to see you as strong and courageous in all the ways that truly matter, God must be with you.

May 18: Joshua 4
The Purpose: To realize the importance of remembering the faithfulness of God and responding to it.
The Point: As we move forward into all that God has in store for us as Christian men, it is essential to remember all that God has done in us. Just as Joshua set up literal stones of remembrance, modern believers should see the figurative stones of God’s goodness and faithfulness shown to us.

June 15: Joshua 24:14-15
The Purpose: To examine what it means to serve the Lord in sincerity and faithfulness.
The Point: Most of us would say that we are serving God, but Joshua teaches us that service to God is not just a statement of faith but a life of wholehearted faithfulness.

The Real Men series is taught by Rick Burgess, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and founder of Burgess Ministries and The Man Church discipleship strategy.
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