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Our Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Studies serve as the discipleship and ministry foundation at King’s Grant Baptist Church. Our church vision  statement is “We exist as a community of faith to extend the love of Christ in Virginia Beach and to the world.” So, from this we emphasize our three key values of Community, Faith, Love

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Small groups at King’s Grant elevate these three values…

  1. To provide an opportunity for people to know Jesus better, becoming members of God’s forever family and this local congregation.
  2. To encourage active involvement in service to God and others, living and walking a life of faith.
  3. To challenge people to take the life-transforming message of Jesus to others, living their lives as people sent out with purpose, living a life on mission.

Contact Scott Chafee to add you to a class or to help you find a group.

We Value Bible Study Because…

  1. Spiritual teaching and community lead to transformed lives.
  2. People matter to God.
  3. We value Christian fellowship.
  4. Those who live without Christ should have the opportunity to hear about him in a small group, non-threatening environment.
  5. We want to encourage and spur one another on to love and good deeds.
  6. We believe that connection to a church body is facilitated through small group involvement.

We provide an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to be involved with small group Bible study. We have classes that meet every Sunday morning from 9:45 until 10:45. Our preschool classes meet on the first floor of our Education Building and our children and youth classes meet on the second floor. Our adult classes are spread throughout the rest of our building.

F.L.O.C.K – Young Adults – Room 208
This class is designed for those aged 18-25; whether you are in school or not. Come join us, especially when you are home from school during the holidays. FLOCK stands for “Faithful Leaders Of Christ’s Kingdom.” They are currently working through the Gospel Project.
Facilitators: Brad and Betty Brown, and John and Kalena Hobbs

Agape – Room 8
The Agape class is a mature class that welcomes new people with open hearts and arms. This class uses the Gospel Project literature and ranges in age from 55 to 75.
Teachers: Janice Barber and Diana Turner

Bible Study Fellowship – Room 17
The Bible Study Fellowship class is a diverse group of adult Christians with a heart for missions and an interest in outreach. BSF uses Lifeway’s “Explore the Bible” curriculum and has an age range of 55-75.
Teachers: Bob Elder, Dan Rush, and Mike Imperial

Four Square – Room 1
A group of mature, mostly retired, Christian men with an interest in health and aging issues. They currently use the Lifeway material “Explore the Bible” for studying God’s word.
Teachers: Dave Brosius, and Jim Hundley

Good News – Room 10 (Choir Room)
This group of Christians, mostly in their 50’s and 60’s, thoroughly enjoy fellowship and in-depth study of God’s word. Guests are always welcome and the choir room allows for growth. They use Smyth & Helwys “Formations” study materials.
Teachers: David Dodson, Darrell Foster, and Keith Young

Joy in Life – Room 7
The Joy (“Jesus, Others, Yourself”) class is an adult (ages 60s-70s) Sunday School class of individuals and couples devoted to God’s Word in spirit and love, and helping others in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Teachers: Carole Decker and Richard Love, with Al North

Legacy Builders – Room 210
This class is for twenty and thirty-somethings, single, married or single again adults! Our goal is to meet the spiritual and social needs of young adults through relevant Bible study and fellowship. We meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 in room 210.
Teachers: Dorsey Ficklin and John Peake

The Breakfast Club – Room 13
This class is open for all those who have not yet joined an existing class, or those who teach every other month in the children or preschool departments, or those who are simply interested in the topic for the month. We are an eclectic class of men and women. We are going through the Gospel Project material, a three-year study though the entire Bible.
Teacher: Ted Greene and Elaine Gilliam

Spiritual Journey – Rooms 18 and 20
The Spiritual Journey class consists mainly of young adults who study practical applications of Biblical principles in daily life. Fellowship centers on sharing experiences at church, home and work. Class members are building closer relationships with God and each other as they continue on their Spiritual journey together.
Teachers: Rudy Russo and Jim Zecchini

Koinonia – Room 3
These are a diverse and mature group of Christians who are “rich in life’s experiences.” Koinonia is the New Testament Greek word meaning “fellowship.” This group is going through the Gospel Project.
Teachers: Tom Vaughan, Vicki Bohannon, and Joan Peake

Mary and Martha – Room 5
The Mary and Martha class consists of friendly, loving, supportive, caring ladies who promise that once you attend, you’ll stay.
Teachers: Joyce Justice, Sandy Guthrie, and Jack Overman

New Life – Room 15
We are the “Baby Boomers” who are “old enough to know better, but too young to resist still having a good time,” actively exploring and discussing the many aspects of each lesson as well as application to busy daily lives.
Teachers: Page Huff and Chuck Sandford

Spread the Community, Faith, Love