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Our Small Groups App:

This is a cool and efficient way to stay connected to your church, small group, or class. We all want to get more out of our mobile devices, so why not download our KGBC Mobile App to get and stay connected with King’s Grant? This work on your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, kindle…

At the end of this page is a step by step tutorial to help you find, download, install, and use our mobile app.

Look for the icon you see here in your favorite app store. It’s free…

1. Download the “Church Center” App

2. Allow the app to use your current location, then choose “King’s Grant Baptist Church” when you see it displayed.

3. Click the button saying “this is my church.”

4. It will ask for a phone number (or e-mail address) and send you a verification code, and you’re done.

You will go through this “find your church” process only once. The next time you open the app, your KGBC Groups will automatically open. Enjoy!

Take a Test Drive Online:

  1. KGBC App Home
  2. KGBC App Groups
  3. KGBC App Calendar

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Below is a tutorial on how to find, download, install, and use our church mobile app. Click on the first image, then use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to navigate through the presentation while you install the app on your phone..

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