Prayer Requests


Since we are to be a house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21:13) please tell us how we can pray for you this week.

Click Here to send us an e-mail using your default mail handler. In your e-mail, please let us know your request and the level of privacy you desire. Our default is “staff only.”

Prayer Requests are handled a few different ways…

  1. Some are for Staff Only – these requests are for the ministerial staff only and will not be shared with in any other format.
  2. Some are for the weekly prayer page – this document is full of public requests, and is published each Sunday. The page is available in Bible study classes and the church information center.
  3. Some are urgent and sent by text to the KGBC Prayer Team – these requests are public enough without giving too much information. The prayer team is asked to stop right then and pray over the request.

If you would like to join the Emergency Prayer List, fill out the form below. Once registered, recipients will receive a text message with urgent prayer requests.

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