King’s Grant Baptist Church provides a full range of Christian education, personal growth, life skills, and recreation/leisure programs that help guide every person to identify, prepare and do their ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit. Conducted in an open, friendly environment with a convenient schedule, these programs offer many opportunities for everyone to become actively involved in ministry, to uniquely share in fellowship, and to participate in the various missions of the church. Programs are focused on individual needs and lead one to build a personal relationship with Christ and a close relationship with fellow believers.

Our Discipleship Ministry Vision:

To develop fully devoted disciples of Jesus, leading them toward higher levels of commitment to Christ and his church.

Francis Chan on Making Disciples:

Multiply Disciples – Francis Chan has a series of video discussions that help us on the journey toward making disciples. There is an app (for both iOS or Android) that helps you multiply disciples, which includes these teaching videos and a digital copy of Francis Chan’s book.

Various Articles Regarding Discipleship:

  1. Why Bother with Discipleship?
  2. What is a Disciple?
  3. The Eight Purposes of Small Groups
  4. The Ten Benefits of Joining a Small Group
  5. The New Middle Road
  6. How to Spot a Disciple of Jesus Christ
  7. What Does a Disciple Look Like?
  8. Bible Study Questions for EVERY chapter of the Bible
  9. The Mission of our Discipleship Ministry

The KGBC “I Will” Video Challenge – [ On YouTube ]

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