A Study in Romans

Our next Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Class study will be Romans by Melissa Spoelstra.

The new study will last eight weeks, beginning with an Introduction on April 9 and ending with a luncheon on 5/28.

If you have been out of touch with your Tuesday Bible Study sister for a while, this would be a perfect time to reconnect. Spiritual growth happens in community. Be sure you are connected somewhere; you need the input of fellow Christians, and they need yours as well. Seek to invest not only for yourself but for others who need your wisdom and experience to navigate the world we live in.

Please be careful when you order. If you go to Amazon, the first thing that comes up is the two-book offer. (Look just above the star rating; you will see two books in parentheses. This will be a Participant’s book and a leaders’ book. Please don’t order this one.

Order just the Romans Participant Book: Amazon.com : Romans by Melissa Spoelstra

Introduction: April 09, 2024
Good News About Faith: April 16, 2024
Good News About Hope: April 23, 2024
Good News About Daily Living: April 30, 2024
Good News About God’s Plan: May 07, 2024
Good News About Relationship: May 14, 2024
Good News About Eternity: May 21, 2024
Luncheon: May 28, 2024

Here is Session 1 to get you fired up about this study…

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