Small Groups


Tuesdays: The Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Class meets at 9:15 am and 6:45 pm. There are about 50 women participating each week. See Janice Barber for details. [ Click here for the current study ]

Wednesdays: We operate on a fall and spring semester schedule, usually covering thirteen weeks with various Wednesdays being dedicated to other events. Our Life Groups meet on Wednesdays at 6:00.

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Sunday Mornings: Don’t forget about small groups EVERY Sunday morning at 9:45, for every age. [ My Adult Class Choices ]

The Importance of Small Groups: Regardless of who you are or where you live, inviting friends or even acquaintances to regularly circle up with you for meaningful conversation is the first step … and perhaps the hardest. From there, we’ve got you covered with everything from series-specific discussion questions to tips for facilitating your Gathering.

But first, take 3 minutes to hear why Andy believes “circles” are so important:

Because Life is Better Connected: It isn’t meant to be lived in isolation. It’s one thing to show up to family functions, grab dinner with friends, and shoot the breeze around the water cooler. But where is the space in which the guard comes down and it’s safe to be completely open and honest about our struggles and questions? Imagine having a circle of people to meet us in that space.

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