Winter Shelter

Here is the latest update regarding our involvement in the 2022 winter shelter.
Here is the Link to Signup Genius

1. The location – the Ambassador Inns and Suites – 716 21st St, Virginia Beach, VA (stay on 264 East past the convention center, between Parks Ave and Cypress Ave, on your right).

2. PiN Ministry has 70 rooms, with 70 people, and we should plan on 70 meals. Room priority has been for those age 60 and over and those with covid. As expected, guests want to test positive because they can get into the hotel.

3. PiN Ministry stresses safety as a priority. The homeless are a vulnerable people group yet personal impact requires close proximity. 

4. Time for meal delivery – anywhere from 5pm to 7pm. Let your class decide when they want to deliver the meals. PiN Ministry staff is limited so if we can deliver the meals, this will help very much. If everyone lets me know their preferred time, we can let other available/potential volunteers know.

5. Meal Delivery – If your class would like to prepare the meals and pack the to-go boxes, but not deliver, let me or Janice know ASAP (we hope to have other volunteers to help with meal delivery). Remember that we have a hospitality team, breakfast team, and security team who may be looking for shelter involvement since we’re not meeting on campus this year.  

6. Please know that meal delivery will likely be door-to-door rather than dropping off the meals in the lobby, which means more interaction opportunities with guests. While it is better for our gospel witness to interact with guests door-to-door, our personal health and safety is still a concern, so dress warmly (doors are all outside), mask up, and bring some hand sanitizer! Having 5-6 people delivering allows time for interaction and still gets food to guests while it is still warm. 

7. PiN staff was talking about food transport containers to keep the meals warm (like what Door Dash might use), so we’ll find out how to get access to these for our week. We also have some fairly large coolers at the church; we’ll have these in the fellowship hall.

8. The Mercy Chefs organization is providing 2 meals each week, like food boxes, for meals other than dinner, (like for breakfasts and snacks). Lunch is still available at the House Resource Center at Witchduck and other homeless ministry locations.

9. Drinks – every room obviously has water but if you want to provide juice boxes or sodas, that’s fine. Totally optional. FYI – each room has a microwave for reheating food.  

10. While the homeless were tested for covid this past Thursday and 40% tested positive, so far only one person this season was sick enough to go to the hospital. 

11. Sunday School Classes on January 30 – since the homeless will not be on campus, January 30 is a normal Sunday schedule of worship and classes.

12. Weekly activities at church – since the homeless are not going to be on campus, all normal meetings during that week can still meet. The only exception deals with the fellowship hall. There are no Wednesday classes on January 26 and no midweek cafe that evening – classes providing meals will have full access to the kitchen and fellowship hall for shelter purposes, but the rest of the building is open for business!
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