Winter Shelter

Winter Shelter – January 24- 31, 2018

We partner with the City of Virginia Beach and Judeo-Christian Outreach Center to provide shelter to the homeless living in Virginia Beach. This week is a successful ministry only with dedicated volunteers from King’s Grant.

  1. Suppers: Classes are lined up to provide the evening meal; sign ups will allow us to know who is available to join the responsible class. Guests arrive at 8:30, eat and visit until lights out at 11:00.

  2. Breakfasts: Cooks arrive around 4:30am and serve the meal around 5:30, for the guests to leave by 6:10.

  3. Overnight: Men of King’s Grant need to step up to sleep over at the church; cots are provided. Although the VoA staff is present and awake all night, our men provide some security.

  4. Personal Items: Many guests are in need of personal and hygiene items to make their stay more comfortable; we will let you know what we’re collecting.

  5. Hospitality Team: These people will arrive a little early each night and greet our guests as they arrive and offer to serve them during the meal.

  6. Lunches: This team will assemble sack lunches for the guests to take with them as they leave at 6:00 am each morning.

We also provide a Bible study each evening and provide various evenings with entertainment. This is an opportunity to “do unto the least of these.”