Winter Shelter


Our opportunity to serve the homeless in our community begins January 24, 2022.

We are able to provide a hot meal to the homeless community through People in Need Ministry, who is coordinating the Shelter effort for Virginia Beach. Join the group to keep up with the latest information. Click below to discover food items to donate to the Shelter participants.

[ Click Here to see the food item donation list ]


In previous years, we partnered with the City of Virginia Beach and Judeo-Christian Outreach Center to provide shelter to the homeless living in Virginia Beach. This week is a successful ministry only with dedicated volunteers from King’s Grant.

  • Sign-ups are easy. Go to SignUp Genius to pick your teams, days, and ministry opportunities.
  • FYI – in Signup Genius, you DON’T have to create an account. Simply look over the list of service times and days, click the items, and click “Submit and Sign Up.” Then you will be asked to give your name and e-mail address.
  • Why give your information? You will receive reminders sent to you by e-mail, and you can get back in to change or modify your selections.

Here were a few ways to volunteer in the past:

  1. Suppers: Classes are lined up to provide the evening meal; sign ups will allow us to know who is available to join the class providing the meal. Guests arrive and eat at 8:00, with a Bible study at 10:00, and then visit until lights out at 11:00.

  2. Breakfasts: Cooks arrive around 4:30 am and serve the meal around 5:45-6:15, for the guests to leave at 6:3o.

  3. Overnight: Men of King’s Grant need to step up to provide security at the church; cots are provided if needed. Although the JCOC staff is present and awake all night, our men provide some needed security.

  4. Personal Items: Many guests are in need of personal and hygiene items to make their stay more comfortable; we will let you know what we’re collecting.

  5. Hospitality Team: These people will arrive a little early each night and greet our guests as they arrive and offer to serve them during the meal.

  6. Lunches: This team will assemble sack lunches for the guests to take with them.

We also provide a Bible study each evening and provide various evenings with entertainment. This is an opportunity to “do unto the least of these.”

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