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It’s our pleasure to welcome you to King’s Grant Baptist Church. We’re glad you decided to join us online and hope you find our site easy to use and informative. More importantly, we hope it leads you to personally join us for one of our weekly activities. Our people would love to meet you and assist you along your spiritual journey.

Life with Christ is like a one-way trip. It’s a journey that begins when we allow Jesus to be the leader of our life, but then it never ends. It’s a journey that is filled with joys and with struggles, with happiness and with grief, with successes and with failures. Yet, it is always filled with purpose. It’s a journey that some people try to accomplish alone, but it is most fulfilling when we journey together.

The purpose of King’s Grant Baptist Church is three-fold:

  1. to assist Jesus followers who are already on this journey, and
  2. to invite seekers to join us, remembering that our mission is…
  3. to extend the love of Christ in Virginia Beach and to the world.

This purpose is accomplished as we love God and as we love others, and it is accomplished as we serve God and as we serve others.

Words and pictures found here can be helpful as a means of basic introduction. However, words and pictures alone are never enough. For us to really know each other there must be personal contact. You now know us through words and pictures, but we invite you to get to know us in person. Join us this Sunday morning for worship and Bible study.

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