The King’s Builders

Originally, we planned to help rebuild a church in Mexico Beach Florida, a church damaged by Hurricane Michael, category 5, October 2018, but the Gulf Coast on the panhandle of Florida turned out to be too far away (22 hours) and too expensive (during July 4 week). So, we sought other options.

We are planning to partner with Virginia Baptist Disaster Response and help rebuild the community around Pollocksville NC, not far from New Bern, ground zero for Hurricane Florence, category 4, from September 2018.

The travel time is less than 4 hours, so here is the plan:

  1. Leave after church on Sunday June 30.
  2. Work on people’s homes Monday – Friday July 1-5.
  3. Travel back to Virginia Beach on Saturday July 6.
  4. The work most likely will be repairs due to flooding, namely replacing sheet rock and floors.
  5. Check the attached document for details and the forms that you must turn in to be a part of this mission effort.

From the Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteer Coordinator:

“We need support team volunteers every week as well as rebuild volunteers. If members of your group – or additional volunteers from your church or community — are willing to stay at the host-church and serve as cooks for team meals and help with keeping the host facility clean and in good working order, please let me know a head count of these volunteers separate from those serving with rebuild teams.”

Seems like we can have this covered with our regular kitchen facilitators!


  1. Obviously, the full experience is preferred, but if you can only participate for a few days, talk to me about it. Let’s see what we can work out.
  2. We need younger people to participate – most of the group has been doing King’s Builders for 30 years, so now most our veterans are around 70, so we need to get to know some younger men and women.
  3. Cost: this is from the VBDR – “Each overnight group is asked to contribute $10 per night per person for food and other logistical needs for lodging, showers, laundry, etc. Checks may be made payable to BGAV with “Florence Registration” on the memo line.” So, it appears to be $60 minimum for room and board.
  4. The church will take our bus and cover the travel expense.
  5. Bring other spending money as needed, like meals along the road.
  6. Check the attached document for a list of what to bring.
  7. I need to know your intention by Father’s Day, June 16, so talk to your family and spouse right now, don’t delay. I DO APOLOGIZE for this late appeal.

If you are interested and ready to get in on this mission effort, text the word BUILDERS to 757-330-4484 to get on the list. You are not obligated to go, but you will get first-hand information about King’s Builders by text or e-mail.

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