The King’s Builders

We partnered with Virginia Baptist Disaster Response and help rebuild the community around Pollocksville NC, not far from New Bern, ground zero for Hurricane Florence, category 4, from September 2018.


This was our King’s Builders Team for 2019:

  1. Mike Lyons
  2. Eddie Todd
  3. Billie Todd
  4. Bob Elder
  5. Jamye Elder
  6. John Peake
  7. Scott Chafee
  8. Bobby Ross


The travel time is less than 4 hours, so here is the itinerary:

  1. Leave after church on Sunday June 30.
    1. Bring your personal luggage and tools on Sunday.
    2. Personal – bring sheets, pillow, towels, clothing, hygiene items.
    3. Professional – bring tools for building a deck, or install flooring, or doing drywall work.
  2. We will work on a home project, Monday – Friday, July 1-5.
  3. Travel back to Virginia Beach on Saturday July 6, we should be home by lunchtime.
  4. Cost? For the first 15, the church will cover room and board for the week, just pay for your own meals while travelling. Transportation is covered if you ride the church bus.
  5. Kitchen Crew: the local church has use of a Virginia Baptist Disaster Response credit card for meals, the menu seems to be up to us (within reason… like we can’t plan a steak and lobster dinner!).
  6. Other logistical needs for lodging, showers, laundry – Virginia Baptist facilities are provided.


  1. Obviously, the full experience is preferred, but if you can only participate for a few days, talk to me about it. Let’s see what we can work out.
  2. We need younger people to participate – most of the group has been doing King’s Builders for 30 years, so now most our veterans are around 70, so we need to get to know some younger men and women.
  3. Bring other spending money as needed, like meals along the road.
  4. Check the attached document for a list of what to bring.

King’s Builders Video Presentations: 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2016

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