Celebration – Looking Inward

“THEN” (Looking inside to the need)
The Reality of a Life NEEDING GOD’S PRESENCE (Psalm 124:1-5)

  1. the reality of salvation calls for the denial of self (Psalm 124:1-2a)
  2. the reality of salvation reveals the true essence of our need (Psalm 124:2b-3)
  3. the reality of salvation points to the power and destruction of evil (Psalm 124:4-5)

“NOW” (Looking inside to the change)
The Reality of a Life WITH GOD’S PRESENCE (Psalm 124:6-8)

  1. salvation: defined by Presence
  2. salvation: defined by Protection
  3. salvation: defined by a Personal Relationship

Conclusion: Your life lived as a song of salvation . . . celebrates God’s presence with you through Jesus Christ.

Anticipation – Looking Forward

How can I build anticipation in my faith?

  1. The POSTURE for anticipation (Psalm 123:1)
    1. Surrender of the will
    2. Discipline of the senses
  2. The PRACTICE of anticipation (Psalm 123:2)
    1. Looking to the Master’s Hand for the assignment
    2. Looking to the Master’s hand to provide for the assignment
  3. The PERSONAL BLESSINGS from anticipation (Psalm 123:3-4)
    1. God’s favor
    2. Freedom from distress