Never Be Boring

I feel it is a sin to bore a student at church. We have the best message ever, so how can we make sure that boredom is not the reason people choose not to come back to King’s Grant?

“Eight percent of Bible teachers are in fact boring.” Bruce Wilkinson

It is not all about content; style is important, too.

  1. Personal Enthusiasm – Psalm 39:3 – set your heart on fire – Romans 12:11 – don’t lack zeal.
  2. The Sesame Street Way – stuff you can touch and feel – visual aids, object lessons, videos, special effects.
  3. The Blues Clues Way
    1. Question and answer, slow moving, emphasized the story that kept kids interested, feelings, personal connection.
    2. When there is a question they want to answer, they will stay involved.
    3. In movies, a problem exists and the story moves toward resolution.
    4. Introduction by promise.


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