On-Campus Worship

Two Worship Experiences on Campus:

Our Sunday morning worship does not mirror what we are broadcasting online.

The Sunday schedule looks like this:

  1. 9am worship in the sanctuary
  2. 10am cleaning and preparation – with a lot of fellowship and conversations
  3. 11am worship in the sanctuary

The Online Service Continues at 10:00

  1. Many people will not leave their homes and will choose to continue worshiping at home (at kgbc.us/live).
  2. Several people who have been tuning in do not live in our area.
  3. Those who work on Sunday mornings are able to join us and worship at a different time.

What About Sunday School?

There are several considerations in returning to our small groups and classes:

  1. Classes are not meeting in the building on Sunday mornings.
    1. Social distancing is not be possible in your classrooms or in the hallways.
    2. Even if classes could social distance in their rooms, people exiting the classrooms into the hallways would violate the 6 foot rule, and we cannot effectively monitor social distancing.
    3. What about a class with a large room?
      1. To be fair, if all classes can’t meet in their rooms, then no classes should meet in their rooms.
      2. On a strategic level, the size of our rooms and the number of people involved on Sunday mornings will continue to limit the growth and launching of new small groups.
      3. So, to put our church in a posture for growth, we are developing groups meeting at times other than Sunday morning (evenings during the week and retired people meeting on weekday mornings or afternoons).
    4. Our Sunday focus is on providing a quality worship service and keeping the area as safe as possible for those coming on campus.
    5. The 10am hour will be used for cleaning and preparing for the 11am service.
  2. Scott Chafee hosted all the adult teachers in a meeting on Thursday May 28, 2020, and discussed classes and their meeting options.
    1. The meeting was in the sanctuary, to spread out in a clean environment. The meeting also included a Zoom connection, for those who chose to remain at home due to health concerns.
    2. We discussed how to continue to provide pastoral care to the sheep over whom we have been made a shepherd.
      1. What are you doing to care for your little flock?
      2. What you share may inspire another class to more effectively reach out.
      3. What needs have you discovered? What needs have been met through your class members?
      4. Are you meeting on Zoom, or some other format?
      5. How have you been fostering Christian community, prayer requests, pastoral care, and keeping up with each other? Who may be falling through the cracks?
    3. The Discipleship Leadership Team and your Sunday School Director have met to discuss and plan for the return of adult classes on campus.
      1. Each class will meet in one location (the fellowship hall or room 18-20), separated by days or hours.
      2. These room can then be kept keep clean and disinfected.
      3. These room will provide for appropriate social distancing.
      4. We have set up an online calendar of class times and building use.
        1. Koinonia Class – Sundays at 12:30pm (Room 20)
        2. Good News Class – Sundays at 6:30pm.
        3. Pure Desire – Mondays at 7:00pm.
        4. Life Group – Wednesdays at 6:15pm.
        5. Spiritual Journey Class – Thursdays at 7:00pm.
      5. Several groups may continue to meet online.
        1. Bible Study Fellowship Class – Sundays at 9:45am.
        2. Tuesday Ladies – Tuesdays at 9:15am and 6:45pm.
        3. Men of Steel – Wednesdays at 7am.
      6. Teachers were invited to poll their classes to determine the best time to meet on campus.

Points to Ponder:

  1. We cannot yet have a full program of activities, so returning for community worship is our first step.
  2. Governmental guidelines allow 50% capacity with social distancing of at least 6 feet, so we anticipate up to 80-90 in the room for each service. While it may seem like a normal Sunday (in numbers), each of us needs to be willing to sit in the designated locations, so basically, you can’t expect to sit in our usual seat.
  3. On-campus Bible Study and Sunday School will not return on Sunday mornings, our focus on Sundays will be on community worship in a safe environment.
  4. Children’s programming and Preschool child care are happening at 11:00am on Sundays.
  5. Many older adults (especially those with health considerations) will choose NOT to return due to health risks, which is advised and respected.
  6. Many of the “normal” activities of a usual Sunday will not happen.
    1. Meaning, the greeter and usher teams will not be back on duty, so we all can keep our distance.
    2. Deacon responsibilities are shifting to welcoming those in attendance, guiding people to proper seating locations, and cleaning/disinfecting after each service.
    3. The offering plate will not be passed (to avoid touching anything that someone else has handled).
    4. There will not be printed bulletins (same reason, too many people handling them before you get one).
  7. Face masks will not be required but are encouraged. You may remove your mask while in your seat (like you would at a restaurant).
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