Family Advent Devotional

This is the page set aside for the Family Advent Devotional, which will be live after Thanksgiving 2017.

If you would like a daily text reminder with the proper link sent right to your smartphone, follow the instructions below. It may seem like you’re joining a class, but be assured, you are joining the Advent Texting Group at KGBC…

  1. Text to this number – 81010
  2. Text this message – @kgbcadvent
  3. You’ll get a return text asking for your name, please reply.
  4. Then, when you get a text asking if you are a student, parent, or teacher, reply “S” (for student) and YOU’RE DONE (unless you already have an account with and are a parent or teacher).
  5. You DO NOT need to download the suggested app, use the texting app you normally use.

If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting the message @kgbcadvent to (757) 351-4038.
Can’t use your phone right now? Go HERE on a desktop computer to sign up for text or email notifications.