DNow Dares

DNow Dares

Your house has been dared!

The goal is to complete the dares in the most creative way possible.

The dares are not timed, but all dares must be submitted by 11:00 on Saturday.

ALL students in the house must participate and be in the photos/videos.

Students must remain clothed.  (Please and thank you.)

Send your completed dares to Beth – 757-577-3726 or Ryan – 757-469-4343

  1. Dare #1:  Create an Awkward Family Photo. (Bonus points if you include your host family!)
  2. Dare #2:  DNow Style Mannequin Challenge. Create a mannequin challenge that best resembles your group hanging out at DNow. Spread it through multiple rooms! Use props!
  3. Dare #3:  Take a photo with the caption “I Can’t Believe We All Fit in Here.”

Remember, the most creative, thought out entries will win. 

All 3 dares must be completed to be considered to win.

All 3 dares will be taken into consideration TOGETHER when deciding the winner.

The winning house will get a prize delivered to their house on Saturday night.


Possible extra consideration will be given to the house that completes the Bonus Dare (not required!):

Bonus Dare: Best Choreographed Dance Routine (must be at least 15 seconds)

But only because Beth really wants to see you all look ridiculous…

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