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Schedule Modification: we do not have regular Wednesday activities on January 26, so Life Group is cancelled this week.

As a church family, get together to discuss a few of these questions, based on Ken’s passage on Sunday. Maybe you could gather your family around the dinner table to have this conversation.

Will you commit to this process of study and application to get more out of what Ken preaches on Sunday? Join us in Room 5 on Wednesdays at 6:15pm, rain or shine, every week of the year (except for various holidays).


On January 23, Pastor Ken continued his series called, “Do Take it Personally” with this message on A Personal Worship of God from Luke 10:38-42.


  1. The Complaint of Martha (Luke 10:38-40)
    1. The diligent student (Luke 10:38-39) Mary sits at the feet of Jesus listening to him.
    2. The dutiful servant (Luke 10:40) Martha is busy in the kitchen.
  2. The Counsel of Jesus (Luke 10:41-42) Jesus tells Martha that she must first be ministered to by the Savior before she can effectively minister for the Savior.


  1. A What is your home like shortly before guests arrive?
  2. What do you enjoy about formal or informal dinners? Why?
  3. What is involved in clean-up at your house?
  4. What have you experienced when it comes to sibling rivalry?
  5. What did Martha do for Jesus and His disciples? (Luke 10:38) she practiced hospitality by welcoming Jesus into her home. How might you turn hospitality into a ministry to further the Kingdom of God?
  6. Where was Mary while Jesus was talking? (Luke 10:39) while she was literally at Jesus’ feet listening to his word, so how can we figuratively be a Jesus’ feet?
  7. How much could Martha concentrate on Jesus’ words while preparing for her guests? (Luke 10:40) in what ways do we do the same, regularly serving in the church without spending much time with Jesus?
  8. Of what did Martha accuse Jesus? (Luke 10:40) When has been a time when you felt that Jesus did not care about your situation?
  9. Of what did Martha accuse her sister? (Luke 10:40) that Mary had left her, perhaps ignoring her, and leaving her to do all the hospitality work.
  10.  What did Martha want Jesus to do? (Luke 10:40) How often have you wanted to be the Holy Spirit in someone’s life, to make them do something you wanted or something you knew was good for them?
  11.  What did Jesus think of the sisters’ choices? (Luke 10:41-42) Mary apparently made a wise choice while Martha was distracted. What distracts you from the one necessary thing?  
  12.  How would you describe the “Marys” (male and female) that you know? Maybe think of someone who serves Jesus out of obligation more than devotion. When have you done this? What made you change?  
  13.  To what extent do you resemble the hurried, frantic situation of Martha?
  14.  When there are a lot of important things that need to get done, how do we justify Mary’s action? Can we really sit at Jesus’ feet and not feed our children? How far can we take this?
  15.  If you had been Martha in this situation, how would you have reacted to your sister’s choice?
  16.  What did Jesus mean when He said that “only one thing is needed”?
  17.  Why did Jesus favor Mary’s choice?
  18.  In what way do you identify with Mary’s choice in your relationship to Jesus?
  19.  What events or opportunities are coming up in which you can focus on being a student of Christ?
  20.  What steps can you take this week to help a friend with various tasks so that he or she can have more time to pray or read the Bible?
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