Class Discussion Questions

Content for a Class Discussion

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As a church family, get together to discuss a few of these questions, based on Don’s passage on Sunday. Maybe you could gather your family around the dinner table to have this conversation.

The Life Group is not meeting May-August.

Patrick Edwards on 2024-07-14

[ The Task of Kingdom Citizenship – Philippians 1:12-26 ]

Open It

  • How interested are you in the lives of famous people?
  • How often do you watch TV shows or read articles about celebrities?
  • When you have a bad day, what do you do?
  • Are you the kind of person who see the glass half-empty or half full?

Explore It

  • How was Paul’s ministry affected by his bondage? (1:12-14)
  • Why was Paul being talked about? (1:13)
  • How did Paul’s incarceration affect the testimony of others? (1:14) Positive results.
  • Why did some people preach Christ out of envy and rivalry? (1:15-17) Negative results.
  • Why did some people preach Christ in love? (1:15-16)
  • What made Paul rejoice? (1:18)
  • Why did Paul expect to be delivered from his predicament? (1:19)
  • How did Paul expect to be delivered? (1:19-20)
  • What was Paul’s main purpose in living? (1:21)
  • What were Paul’s convictions about living and dying? (1:22-24)
  • Why did Paul think he would remain alive? (1:24-26)

Get It

  • Paul was in prison yet joyful, so what difficult circumstance are you dealing with? What is your attitude toward the situation?
  • How did Paul’s notoriety work to his advantage?
  • How would you like the reputation of being a fearless Christian?
  • To what degree do you share Paul’s passion for the gospel?
  • For what do you truly live?
  • Whom do you know who is suffering for Christ right now?
  • What does the passage say about what your attitude be toward Christians whose motives you might question?
  • Where has God been able to use bad for good in your life?
  • How is our church different from the Philippian church?
  • What is something you would like to accomplish before you die?
  • What difference has your faith made in your attitude toward death and dying?
  • What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to experience as a Christian?
  • What are you willing to risk to have the reputation of being a fearless Christian?
  • What about your life-style do you most want to change in your desire to live for Christ?
  • “For me, to live is…” Given your priorities and schedule this week, how would you honestly finish that statement? What would need to change is you said, “Christ”?

Apply It

  • What step toward dedicating every area of your life to Christ can you take today?
  • What can you do today to encourage someone who is suffering because of his or her faith?
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