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As a church family, get together to discuss a few of these questions, based on Don’s passage on Sunday. Maybe you could gather your family around the dinner table to have this conversation.

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DON on 2023-03-19 – LIFE GROUP QUESTIONS for 2023-03-22

On March 19, Dr. Don Solomon brings a message called, Blessings of the Family, from Luke 18:15-17, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 31:10, 28. We are focusing on the family this week, with our Parent-Child Dedication at the 11:00 service.

LIFE GROUP DISCUSSION: (Ephesians 6:1-4)

  1. Which one of these TV families best resembles your family of origin? (Cleaver? Flintstones? Brady? Huxtable? Walton? Simpsons?)
  2. What are some of the enjoyable aspects of being a parent?
  3. How do you treat children differently from the way your parents treated you?
  4. If you could change one thing about your parents, what would you change?
  5. Why is a child’s obedience to his or her parents pleasing to the Lord? (6:1)
  6. Why should children obey parents? (6:1) How do we define right these days?
  7. What does it mean to “honor your father and mother”? (6:2-3)
  8. What was promised to Israelite children who obeyed their parents? (6:2-3)
  9. How does God’s commandment and promise to children hold true today? (6:2-3)
  10. What does God want fathers not to do? (6:4)
  11. What does God want fathers to do? (6:4)
  12. How should children be reared and nourished? (6:4)
  13. How is the Lord to be the center of parent-child relationships? (6:4)
  14. Why should parents pay attention to their child’s natural bent?
  15. Why is it easier for children to obey fair and loving parents than unreasonable and demanding parents?
  16. How does rearing children in the “training and instruction of the Lord” provide guidelines for fathers?
  17. How does honoring your parents bring you blessing?
  18. How do you feel about your ability to be a good parent?
  19. How can the Lord support you in your role as a parent?
  20. How can a parent avoid exasperating his or her children?
  21. What can you do to improve or strengthen your relationship with your parents?
  22. How will you nurture healthy family relationships this week?


  1. What was the funniest story about you as a child that you don’t remember but others told you?
  2. When you were a child, who made you feel most accepted? How?
  3. What does it feel like to be rejected by others?
  4. In general, how does our society treat children?
  5. Why were people bringing babies to Jesus? (18:15)
  6. How did the disciples respond to what the parents were doing? (18:15)
  7. What was it about Jesus that motivated parents to bring their children to Him? (18:15-16)
  8. Why did the disciples rebuke those who were bringing their babies to Jesus? (18:15)
  9. How did Jesus react to His disciples’ attitudes? (18:16)
  10. How did Jesus treat the children? (18:16)
  11. What did Jesus say about the children? (18:16)
  12. Why should we receive the kingdom of God like a child? (18:17)
  13. What will happen to those who do not receive the kingdom “like a little child”? (18:17)
  14. What can we learn from this passage about the character of Jesus?
  15. How can you imitate the qualities Jesus showed in this story?
  16. What can we learn from the negative example of the disciples?
  17. What childlike qualities do we need to enter the kingdom of God?
  18. What can you do to cultivate your trust and dependence on the Lord?
  19. What does this passage reveal about how we need to change?
  20. What hinders us from having the childlike qualities that God wants us to have?
  21. How can you combat the tendency to depend on yourself rather than God?
  22. What is one childlike quality that you want to cultivate this week? How?
  23. What is one way you can show love and compassion toward children?
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