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As a church family, get together to discuss a few of these questions, based on Ken’s passage on Sunday. Maybe you could gather your family around the dinner table to have this conversation.

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KEN 2021-10-17 – LIFE GROUP QUESTIONS for 2021-10-20

On October 17, Ken continues his fall teaching series on the Mind Matters with this message called, Changing Your Mind, from Romans 12:1-2, Colossians 1:21-22.

  1. The Context of this Challenge: an absolute truth.
  2. The Critical Nature of this Challenge: a significant moral dilemma.
  3. The Challenge: the renewal of your mind.


  1. Where do you look for practical advice on how to build or fix something?
  2. What were some of the strangest fads you experienced growing up?
  3. Does anyone have a story about peer pressure causing you to conform to the world?
  4. What are the patterns of the world that tempt us to conform?
  5. What areas of life do you feel the pressure to conform to the world’s standard?
  6. What role to WE play in our spiritual transformation?
  7. What is the Christian’s motivation for obedience? (Romans 12:1)
  8. What makes offering our bodies as living sacrifices an act of worship?
  9. What does it mean to offer your body as a living sacrifice? (As opposed to a dead sacrifice).
  10. When it comes to the word “sacrifice,” how are the words living, holy, and pleasing attached with equal weight as qualifiers for sacrifice?
  11. In the Greek tense Ken talked about, how are we no longer victims of natural or supernatural forces that shape us into a distorted pattern? (Literally the phrase is, “stop allowing yourselves to be conformed…”)
  12. How are we supposed to resist the temptation of allowing the world to squeeze us into its mold?
  13. How might a small group experience help us to live in obedience?
  14. When it comes to the word, transformed, the force of the verb is to “continue to let yourself be transformed” (Romans 12:2). Ken mentioned a continuous action of the Holy Spirit over a lifetime.
    1. How important is the sanctification process? (Can we be saved without this part? How does the lordship of Jesus move us toward spiritual growth and maturity?)
    2. What does sanctification mean? (Conforming to the image of Christ over a lifetime – Romans 8:29).
    3. What is OUR part in the sanctification process? (Perhaps staying open to the Spirit’s leadership, sacrifice, submission).
  15. Focus on “renewing of your mind.” How does this renewing happen? And with what result? (Romans 12:2)
  16. What does it take to see life from God’s perspective of reality? (Perhaps this is where the renewing of the mind comes in).
  17. How might you define, “renewing your mind”? (Perhaps developing a spiritual sensitivity and perception – learning to look at life based on God’s view of reality – Paul seems to emphasize the need to develop an understanding of God’s ways, which are not our ways – Isaiah 55:8).
  18. How might we better discern God’s will? (Maybe Christians are called to a responsible freedom of choice and action based on the inner renewing, regenerative work or the Holy Spirit).
  19. In what current situation do you need to know God’s will? What might you do to find it?
  20. In what way is Romans 12:3 a great transition verse between the topics of renewal and discovering / using your spiritual gift? (Perhaps taking a sober self-assessment of who we are and where we stand with Christ and his calling).
  21. What right does God have to ask us for a full-life commitment to Him?
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