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As a family, get together to discuss a few of these questions, based on Ken’s passage on Sunday.

As a class, while we may not be able to get together, we CAN get on the phone and have a spiritual conversation. Will you commit to this process, to get more out of what Ken preaches on Sunday?

Ken 2021-04-18 – LIFE GROUP QUESTIONS for 2021-04-21

Defeating Darkness – Jesus’ conversation with demons.


  1. When did a vacation turn into something unpleasant or unexpected?
  2. What is the most dramatic change you ever saw in someone’s behavior?
  3. When was the last time you had such wonderful news that you could not wait to tell someone about it?
  4. What do people today think of the devil and demons?
  5. What makes people resistant to talking about God or religion?
  6. Where did the events of this story take place? (Mark 5:1)
  7. Who went out to meet Jesus? (Mark 5:2)
  8. What was the man’s life like before he met Jesus? (Mark 5:3-5)
  9. How had the townspeople coped with the demon-possessed man Jesus met? (Mark 5:4)
  10. Why was the man Jesus met chained up? (Mark 5:4-5)
  11. How did the demon-possessed man react to Jesus? (Mark 5:6-7)
  12. Why were the demons so terrified of Jesus? (Mark 5:7)
  13. What did Jesus do to help the demon-possessed man? (Mark 5:8-9) What do we learn about demons in this passage?
  14. What did the demons beg of Jesus? (Mark 5:10)
  15. What happened when the demons asked to go into the pigs? (Mark 5:11-13)
  16. The Rest of the Story:
    1. How did news of this event spread? (Mark 5:14-16)
    2. What was the man’s life like after Jesus ordered the demons out of him? (Mark 5:15-20)
    3. What did the Gerasene people think of Jesus’ gracious action on the man’s behalf? (Mark 5:17)
    4. Where did the man whom Jesus had helped want to go? (5:18)
    5. What request did Jesus deny? Why? (Mark 5:18-19)
    6. How did the man respond to Jesus’ instructions? (Mark 5:19-20)
  17. The Gerasene people opposed Jesus even though He helped them; why do people sometimes oppose Christians today?
  18. Over what areas of our lives does Jesus have power and authority?
  19. What are some concrete ways we can turn over control of our lives to Christ?
  20. What does God want to deliver us from?
  21. If you had been in the same situation as the Gerasene people, how would you have reacted to Jesus’ healing of the demon-possessed man?
  22. When has the Lord delivered you from a sickness or difficulty in your life? How did you react?
  23. How can we show gratitude to God for what He has given us?
  24. What can you do this week to bring the message of Christ to a friend or coworker?
  25. What is one area of your life that you can ask God to heal?
  26. How can you say thank you to God for the way He has worked in your life?
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