Church Workday 2017

KGBC Workday Project List

September 23, 2017

THIS Saturday is our church workday. We’re getting together at 8:00 a.m.

Look over the ONLINE LIST and come prepared to do what you would like to do, and bring the necessary tools to get it done. We will purchase supplies.

  1. Walk the building and notice florescent lights needing ballast attention.
  2. Room 15, ceiling near the entrance door needs repair.
  3. Hallways outside of Room 15 needs attention and paint.
  4. Ceiling in Room 5 needs attention and paint.
  5. Adult hallways need wall touch up with paint.
  6. Adult hallways trim, touch up with paint.
  7. Room 202 has a cinder block wall at the window, needing attention and paint.
  8. Upstairs hallway door trim in several places needs paint.
  9. Stairwell railings need brown paint in spots.
  10. Visit harvest hall
  11. Walls need attention and touchup paint
  12. Air return vent needs to be replaced and painted.
  13. Small column between the windows need attention and paint, at the bottom.
  14. Lighting track on the ceiling is not working, just left of the window at the stage area.
  15. Adult hallway classes – check the bottom row of block for bubbling; repair and paint.
  16. Baptistry stairs, at top, need correct color for touchup painting.
  17. Baptistry needs molding and caulking, front and back of the tub.
  18. Baptistry windows need cleaning, power washing outside.
  19. Welcome center entrance needs power washing at the top, spider webs etc.
  20. The tall part of the welcome center roof, outside wood needs painting.
  21. Remove the “pirate ship” wooden playground.
  22. Mulch the two playground lots.
  23. Mulch the AC unit areas behind the educational building.
  24. The GFI plug near the outside window of Harvest Hall needs an exterior cover.
  25. Check the entire playground area for bees and wasp nests.
  26. Check the “volleyball” yard for low places, and holes, fill in with dirt.
  27. What sort of cover can we put over the field drain pipe cleanout access (two spots could turn an ankle).
  28. The ceiling in the outside portico entrance of the sanctuary needs repair and paint.
  29. Flood lights in the bushes in front of the sanctuary, left needs to be replaced, the right needs electricity (power is disrupted between the two ground lights).
  30. Pull weeds and Virginia Creeper out of bushes and beds near the building.
  31. Power wash the main sign at the road and paint the wood frame.
  32. Replace the white board in the choir room (on the west side of the room).
  33. Remove the bulletin board in room 202 and hang it in the hallway near room 204.
  34. The office area needs painting (maybe a light gray) or at least touched up in many places.
  35. The kitchen grease trap needs to be emptied, measured, and cleaned. We need documentation on what we remove and how much we remove.
  36. The kitchen sink plumbing needs to be replaced, the metal pipes are eroding and PVC is recommended.
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