Children and Worship

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Intergenerational Experiences: these opportunities are valued, where people of all ages come together as the body of Christ. Worship should be no exception.

Our Desire and Vision: To empower parents to model Christian worship to their in worship

Modeling: here is how parents can model worship to their children during our worship service:

  1. Singing: participate by actually singing the songs during worship and encouraging your children to learn the songs, too. Consider jotting down a few phrases from the songs so that on your way home or during lunch that day, ask, “Which song did you like best?” Make sure to tell them your favorite, and why, and what made that song meaningful to you.
  2. Praying: helping them to understand what prayer is all about, and that we are also communicating with God as the pastor or deacon voices a corporate prayer. Around your dinner table, lead your children in thanking God for things like salvation, a home, peace, security, friends, family, pets, a bed, food… kids are thankful for a lot of things!
  3. Giving: this is also an act of worship, so parents should come prepared to give and model giving by children seeing that you participate by giving. Give them a dollar to put in the offering plate so they can know that giving is not just a grown-up activity. Rather than waiting until you’re in your seat and the offering plate is being passed, give that offering dollar to your children before you leave home, or before you walk together into the sanctuary. This will let them know that we are planning ahead to participate in this part of worship. Between Sundays, talk about how God expects us to be good stewards of that which he has giving to us, and giving back is one part of how we recognize God’s ownership of all we possess.
  4. Ordinances: it is important that children witness these events in the life of the church.
    1. Baptism: if we hope that our children will one day express faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation and follow him in believer’s baptism, it is important that children be in the room to witness others getting baptized. They need to hear the testimony of the person being baptized. As parent, you will be able to explain what baptism is all about (we even have a “baptism” guide in the information center) and lead your children to receive Christ as their Savior and request to be baptized at the proper time and age.
    2. Communion: children need to see the church, the body of Christ, participating in communion. They need to understand that it is not just “snack time” in big church. They will want to participate but that is a decision left for parents to make. Communion is open to all believers, whether they are members at KGBC or elsewhere, but it is an ordinance for believers, not for non-Christians. You should know where your child stands with Christ. The Baptist Faith and Message says that baptism is a “prerequisite to church membership and the Lord’s Supper,” so baptism is one way for you to determine if your child should take communion.
  5. Preaching: modeling worship also includes parents engaged in hearing God’’s Word preached. When they see you listening and taking an occasional note, they will come to understand that the sermon is an important part of worship. While the message may be above your child’s life stage, we are providing a Children’s Bulletin each week for them to use during the preaching time.

Children’s Worship Bulletins: We provide a Children’s Worship Bulletin each week. It is full of activities just right for kids grades 1-6.

  • Each child will stop by the foyer (or The Well) to pick up the Children’s Worship Bulletin and a pencil.
  • The bulletin should be used during the preaching time, so families are engaged in the other worship service elements together.
  • At the end of the service, the pencils should be returned to the baskets (to use next week). Bulletins should go home with the children and used as discussion starters during family time that next week.
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