Over the Top

Death and Life – Students

For the next two weeks (October 11 and 18), we’re looking at the death and life of Lazarus (not “life and death,” because that’s mixing up the order!) Sometimes situations don’t go the way we expect. But, the amazing power of God is able to resurrect any dead situation and breathe life into any circumstance.

Students – Look and See

This Sunday October 16 – it’s ok to not know all the answers, but God is inviting you to ask the questions.

Sunday School is at 9:30, then students and their families are encouraged to attend the 11:00 service.

(Parents, if you want to sign up to help with breakfast this fall, check out the announcement below. We’re asking for families to provide breakfast every other Sunday. The Student Ministry will cover the other Sundays.)

Getting Real on Wednesdays

Fake friends are the worst. So, how do you make and keep friendships that are real? These days, it’s more important than ever to figure out what true friendship really looks like. In this series, we’ll discover through God’s Word what authentic friendship is all about.

Tonight, we’ll check out wisdom from the Psalms and Gospels about healthy relationships and positive influences.

Join us for MidWeek Bible Study each Wednesday from 6:15-7:30 p.m.
We know life is busy, but getting into God’s Word and being around your faith community is vital!

Parents – there’s something for the whole family on Wednesday nights. Check out what we have going on!