Sunday School Swap 2017

Sunday, November 19th

On Sunday, November 19th, our students will have the opportunity to sit in on adult Sunday School classes. Students will be split up into adult classes with 3 or 4 students per class. (No student will be alone!) There will be a time for students and adults to get to know each other. The adults will do their normal lesson and students can participate if they choose.

The main goal of the day is for our students and adults to get to know each other. Studies (and experience) have shown that knowing more adults in the church leads to a more positive church experience for our students…and makes them more likely to stay plugged into a faith community during their teenage years and beyond.

Please encourage your student to attend and PLEASE have them to church by 9:40 on Sunday, November 19th!

This will help us get them to a Sunday School class on time.
We don’t want to be a disruption to the class.

Thanksgiving Baskets 2017

Each year, our church collects food to give out to families in need at Thanksgiving. This year, we’re supporting 20 families. We need help sorting and packaging all the donations so we can hand them out!

10 students are needed to help fill Thanksgiving Baskets at the church on Thursday, November 17th @ 5:30 p.m.

If you are available to help, there is a sign up sheet in the youth room!

Students Hang Out with Ken


It’s All About Community

Come hang out with Pastor Ken as he talks about the vision for the church! He’s going to be sharing how students play a part in that vision, and what they can be doing to bring others into community!

This Wednesday November 1 at 6:15.

Student Bible Study Oct 11

Tomorrow Night After Bible Study we’re going to the Wendy’s at Little Neck.

Families are welcome!

Wendy’s Wednesday Requirements:

Students will need to secure a ride TO Wendy’s AND HOME from Wendy’s.

Students may drive themselves if they have a driver’s license.

Students can ONLY drive other students if I have consent from BOTH sets of parents. (A written note on the night of Wendy’s Wednesday will be fine, or a text or e-mail sometime that week.) This is a VERY important rule!

Students will need to bring their own money. 

Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy some fellowship with other parents and families as well so you don’t have to come back for pick up.

Student Sunday School Oct 15

Through “The Thread”, students will discover the life-changing narrative of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. But most importantly, they will see how the thread of the Gospel is woven through every story.

Join us on Sundays at 9:45am in the Attic!

This Sunday October 15:

How Do I React to Forgiveness?