Ken’s Encouragement to Pray for Ukraine

One February 27, Ken led the church in corporate prayer for the situation and suffering of the Ukrainian people. We wanted to include that information here.

Today, pray for Ukraine. Pray for those who are in harm’s way at this very moment. Pray for families torn apart. Pray for a country torn apart. Pray against the evil that perpetuates through every part of their lives.

Pray for the church in Ukraine. Pray for protection and boldness. They are our brothers and sisters. We stand with them not only through humanitarian expression, but more closely related to them than even by blood – we are related to them by Spirit.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine.

The President of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary recently said, “The church will go underground. You have to understand that historically we had that experience before under the Soviet Union. So, the church did not forget what does it mean to be persecuted, and we will rearrange, reorganize, and still do what we always do, still preach the gospel.”

So today, take courage dear Christian. Join our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and let us continue to speak out and live out the Gospel. This becomes urgent now more than ever. Jesus has always been, and will always be our only hope.

We tell you the good news: What God promised our ancestors, He has fulfilled for us, by raising up Jesus.
Acts 13:32-33

Pray for Ukraine

[ Sculpture gallery at National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War Memorial Complex ]

With the news of war and the Russian military bombing cities in Ukraine, we recognize that it is not just an issue for “people over there” but that lives and souls are at stake. This situation is personal because we know people who have connections to friends and loved ones in Ukraine.

We have first-hand accounts of family hiding underground in Kyiv (Kee-eve, not Kee-ev – we support the way Ukrainians pronounce their capital city). There are rockets and air raids with people hiding in underground subways. Family members can’t escape due to physical limitations and being surrounded by Russian troops. Bombing and destruction are happening all around them. Pray, pray, pray…

Pray for the people of Ukraine, whose world is shattering before their eyes. Women, children, old people — this is not just about old leaders sending young men off to war.

Pray for peace in the midst of escalating Russian-Ukrainian tensions. Pray that Putin will repent and withdraw his troops.

Pray for leaders to exercise wisdom and restraint as they navigate the complexities of life in this region. May God draw these leaders to himself and humble the hearts of prideful leaders.

Pray for believers in this area to remain strong and bold in their faith and seek ways to care for those around them.

Pray that the church will be on their knees in Ukraine and around the world, lifting this situation before the throne of grace.

Pray that the gospel will be heard and received, and may believers testify to God’s peace that surpasses all comprehension. May God help his children to trust him in the midst of sorrow and destruction.

Pray for the surrounding nations to welcome and prepare for the coming tide of refugees, to show love and hospitality to people who are losing everything through no fault of their own. Protect those fleeing for safety.

Pray for the strength of first responders and those on the front lines of destruction, committed to helping others. Let these hurting people seek Jesus as a peaceful presence in the midst of suffering.

I was reminded today of a powerful verse, Exodus 14:14 – “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”

Lord, have mercy. Come Holy Spirit and bring your comfort and assurance. Let your people stand in faith when their faith falls short. We trust in the Prince of Peace to give his people strength. May our silence (in Exodus 14:14) be in awe of God’s greatness, which will drive us to our knees in calling out to the God of all comfort.