The Noble Man Group

Noble Men are getting together for breakfast and an inspirational study on the third Saturday of these five months, 8:00-9:30am. We are going through this challenging series by nationally syndicated radio talk show host and founder of Burgess Ministries and The Man Church, Rick Burgess. This is the first section of the REAL MEN Series.

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The Topics in this Five Part Series:

March 19
The ultimate response of a Christ-follower is to believe and obey God’s promises.
April 16
Trusting in God means trusting in God’s timing and sovereignty.
May 21
We lay the foundation for our sin when we begin to trust ourselves more than God.
September 17
We can trust God to provide, especially in the midst of trials, because of who He is.
October 15
Our true legacy will be defined not by earthly standards but by the impact we make for God’s Kingdom.

Isaiah 32:8 tells us, “But the noble man devises noble plans; And by noble plans he stands.”

The Crash Course – October 2020

What? Another class offered at the church?

Yep. This one is so important because it’s all about simplicity and clarity. It’s one thing to have a “connection class” for new members and regular attendees, but it is another thing to share information about the church to new comers, and those in the church have no clue what we are teaching! Let’s all get on the same page!

On Saturday October 31, 8am-10am, I’m inviting all church leaders to an abbreviated Crash Course (sort of like a crash course of the Crash Course). By church leaders (so no one will think this is for someone else) I mean if you are a deacon (active or not), Sunday school teacher or a small group leader, a ministry team leader, a committee member, choir member, praise team member… this class is for you. Did I miss anyone?

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