Pursue Series Devotions

Pastor Ken begins his new sermon series called “Pursue: the Intensity of Our Faith” on Sunday January 13, 2019. In anticipation of this life changing series, Ken has written several daily devotions to help prepare us all for what God will do in us and through us over the new two months.

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The Season of Advent 2018

We are excited about what God is doing at King’s Grant and also for the opportunity to celebrate the coming of our promised Messiah, the Deliverer, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come, Celebrate the Season with Us!

Celebrating Christmas. Experiencing Jesus.
“And all who heard…were astonished.” (Luke 2:18, NLT)

Sunday, December 2
Week One of Advent: HOPE that Proclaims a Name!
Matthew 1:18-25

Sunday, December 9
Week Two of Advent: JOY that Changes Everything
Luke 2:7-12; Matthew 2:10

Sunday, December 16
Week Three of Advent: PEACE that Overcomes and Overwhelms
Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:13-14

Sunday, December 23
Week Four of Advent: LOVE that Astonished the World
Luke 2:15-20

Here is our calendar of Seasonal Events: 

Our M3 Emphasis for 2018

We hope you will join us for our local “Back to Church” on September 9. Graded classes will promote to their new classrooms (9:45), we will have a children’s celebration before classes begin, we are excited about the beginning of our new Gospel Project curriculum, and have a place for every family member.

Join us this September during our M3 Emphasis…

[ read about our core values, Community, Faith, Love, and the M1-M2-M3 vision ]

With an M3 emphasis (member, minister, missions), what are the possibilities of actually recognizing all three components of the vision during September? Below could be a potential schedule. Take a look and let me know your feedback. We will also discuss this tomorrow in staff.

Celebrating M1. On Sunday, September 9, celebrate “Back to Church” Sunday, emphasizing the first of our core values – COMMUNITY, represented by M1 (MEMBER). An invite card will be handed to every member to use with inviting others to visit KGBC.

Celebrating M2. On Sunday, September 16, emphasizing our second core value – FAITH, represented by M2 (MINISTRY). During this day we WILL celebrate and give special thanks to all who serve through KGBC.

Celebrating M3. On Sunday, September 30, emphasizing our third core value – LOVE, represented by M3 (MISSION). This will be our Mission Sunday, sharing the call and opportunity for everyone to live a missional life.

Our Vision Statement: We exist as a community of faith to extend the love of Christ and his kingdom in Virginia Beach and to the world.

Our Vision Casting Video Series: [ Click Here ]


“Get This” for May 6

From Pastor Ken…

Have you ever considered that we look for satisfaction in other places than in a relationship with Jesus because we really don’t know Him as we should?

A Moment in the Life of Jesus

After the feeding of the 5,000, the crowd continued to look for a convenient blessing of physical bread. Jesus redirected their superficial desires by teaching that He himself is the “bread of life” that alone satisfies man’s soul (John 6). Jesus then revealed Himself even more personally during a popular Jewish festival (the Feast of the tabernacles). On the last day of this event, after the priest had given a visual reminder of when God provided water for Israel during the wilderness years, Jesus cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37). Wow! At the very moment when Israel was looking back to when God provided physical needs, Jesus invited everyone to have a deeper need satisfied: the need of the human heart.

I really want you to get this!

Jesus gave this invitation to an audience comprised primarily of those who doubted Him (the Jewish Leaders, the crowd at large, and even the disciples). To overcome the doubt that constantly swirled around Him, Jesus simply gave an invitation to believe that He alone can satisfy the deepest longing of the heart. In fact, Jesus actually promised that through faith in Him, life will be as rivers of living water flowing from within (John 7:38). Now,that’s a full life.


But, maybe you feel anything but rivers of life coming from within. Maybe bitterness, discouragement, regret, or fear seems to flow more readily. If so, remember the invitation of Jesus: come and drink, which means, come and receive by faith Jesus’ love and forgiveness that alone can satisfy your soul.

  • Jesus gives you this invitation today. Isn’t it time you RSVP?
  • What doubts swirl about your mind and heart today?
  • Do these doubts keep you from desperately thirsting for Jesus?

I will be preaching a message this Sunday, May 6 on why we doubt and why we shouldn’t (from John 7). Please join us!

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