The Gospel Project Begins

This Sunday September 2 is the very first lesson in our new three your study through the entire Bible. Not sure about the Gospel Project. This video gives a good summary:

Preschool, Grades 1-6, and four of our adult classes are starting the Gospel Project!

Relative – Three Key Relationships

RELATIVE! – Three Key Relationships
(Jesus teaches His disciples about their relationships with Himself, with each other, and with the world.)
John 15:1-27

  1. The BRANCHES – WE MUST ABIDE – John 15:1-8 – the believer relates to the Son
    1. The Symbols – John 15:1, 5a-5b
      1. The Son is the True Vine
      2. The Father is the Gardener
      3. The believers are the branches
    2. The Steps – John 15:2-4, 5c-6
      1. We must submit to pruning by the Father
        1. He challenges the branch – takes away
        2. He cleanses the branch – he prunes
      2. We must abide in the Son
        1. The branch attached to the Vine
        2. The branch abiding in the Vine
        3. The branch available to the Vine
    3. The Success – John 15:7-8
      1. The fruit we bear
        1. Sanctification – we become like Jesus
        2. Spirituality – we behave like Jesus
        3. Souls – we are burdened for people like Jesus
      2. The results we experience
        1. An unhindered prayer life
        2. Glorifying of the Father
        3. Proof we are his disciples
  2. The BELIEVER – WE MUST OBEY – John 15:9-17 – the believer relates to others
    1. The Priority – John 15:9-12
      1. The Father loves the Son
      2. The Son loves the believers
      3. The believer is commanded to love
    2. The Proof – John 15:13-15
      1. What Jesus will do for the believer – die for us
      2. What Jesus has done for the believer – friends, not servants
    3. The Promises – John 15:16-17
      1. He chose us
      2. Branches will bear permanent fruit that will remain
      3. Prayer will be answered
  3. The BATTLE – WE MUST ENDURE – John 15:18-27 – the believer relates to the world
    1. Life will be hard – John 15:18-21 – those who desire to live godly lives will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12)
    2. Love has come – John 15:22-25 – the world hated Jesus so we will be hated for the same reason
    3. Leaving a Helper – John 15:26-27 – three things will happen
      1. Truth – the Spirit of truth
      2. Testifying – Spirit testifies of the Son
      3. Testimony – those who know him will testify to Jesus as well

Questions for Further Study:

  1. What are the marks of a true friendship?
  2. What do you do to maintain your friendships?
  3. How are Jesus and the Father related? (15:1)
  4. What is Jesus and who is the Father? (15:1)
  5. How does the gardener tend to the branches that bear fruit and the branches that do not? (15:2)
  6. What did Jesus say the branches must do in order to bear fruit? (15:4)
  7. Who are the branches? (15:5)
  8. What did Jesus say would happen to the branches that did not remain in Him? (15:6)
  9. What privilege was given to the branches that remained in the vine? (15:7)
  10. What would be demonstrated by the disciples’ bearing much fruit? (15:8)
  11. What did Jesus urge His disciples to do? (15:9)
  12. How were Jesus’ disciples to remain in His love? (15:10)
  13. Why did Jesus talk with His disciples about vines and branches? (15:11)
  14. What command did Jesus give His disciples? (15:12)
  15. What is the greatest manifestation of love? (15:13)
  16. Who did Jesus say were His friends? (15:14)
  17. Why did Jesus call His disciples friends? (15:15)
  18. Why did Jesus choose His disciples? (15:16)
  19. What was Jesus’ command? (15:17)
  20. How are we to remain in Jesus? Why?
  21. What does it mean to bear fruit as a Christian?
  22. How are we to bear fruit?
  23. When is it difficult to develop and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus?
  24. In what way has God been removing “dead” or useless pieces from your character?
  25. In what way is your joy complete?
  26. When do you struggle with loving others the way Jesus has loved you?
  27. What kind of friend are you to Jesus?
  28. Why is it hard to be Jesus’ friend?
  29. What steps can you take to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ?
  30. How can you be a better friend to Jesus beginning today?

Our M3 Emphasis for 2018

We hope you will join us for our local “Back to Church” on September 9. Graded classes will promote to their new classrooms (9:45), we will have a children’s celebration before classes begin, we are excited about the beginning of our new Gospel Project curriculum, and have a place for every family member.

Join us this September during our M3 Emphasis…

[ read about our core values, Community, Faith, Love, and the M1-M2-M3 vision ]

With an M3 emphasis (member, minister, missions), what are the possibilities of actually recognizing all three components of the vision during September? Below could be a potential schedule. Take a look and let me know your feedback. We will also discuss this tomorrow in staff.

Celebrating M1. On Sunday, September 9, celebrate “Back to Church” Sunday, emphasizing the first of our core values – COMMUNITY, represented by M1 (MEMBER). An invite card will be handed to every member to use with inviting others to visit KGBC.

Celebrating M2. On Sunday, September 16, emphasizing our second core value – FAITH, represented by M2 (MINISTRY). During this day we WILL celebrate and give special thanks to all who serve through KGBC.

Celebrating M3. On Sunday, September 30, emphasizing our third core value – LOVE, represented by M3 (MISSION). This will be our Mission Sunday, sharing the call and opportunity for everyone to live a missional life.

Our Vision Statement: We exist as a community of faith to extend the love of Christ and his kingdom in Virginia Beach and to the world.

Our Vision Casting Video Series: [ Click Here ]


Guatemala Benevolent Offering August 5

Dear Church Family,
We are writing these words in front of an orphanage in Villa Nueva, Guatemala. We completed our day of work here and we just gathered as a team – both KGBC and CRI staff to pray on a muddy, dusty floor that will become a new building for Destiny of Hope Orphanage. We prayed, asking God to bless the ministry, asking for His provision, and asking for children who need to know the love of Jesus to fill the orphanage. Just as soon as we said “Amen” and were headed to the bus, the director of Destiny of Hope received a phone call that a baby was ready at that very moment to be picked up and brought back to the orphanage. We are currently waiting for that child to arrive so that we can celebrate the goodness, and the faithfulness of God! (Thus, we decided to write this on the spot.)
Catalyst Resources International has felt God’s leading for this ministry, and has received licensing within the last month to begin receiving children at Destiny of Hope. They currently have one child, (with one more on the way as we speak), and are expecting more any day! They are in the middle stages of building their second building. There are currently not enough funds to finish this building, but CRI is trusting that God will provide. Workers are available to work next week, but funds are not confirmed for materials that will be needed for them to continue the job.
This Sunday, we will be collecting a benevolent offering for this incredible ministry. We are asking that you come prepared to give, in whatever way God is leading you. Our goal is to make these funds available to CRI as quickly as possible so that construction may continue.
It has been an amazing week and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for Catalyst Resources International, and Destiny of Hope Orphanage!
Update – We walked baby Johanna into the orphanage this afternoon and prayed over her. She is safe and sound at Destiny of Hope! (Click the images below to read the photo descriptions.)
Beth, Ken, and Team

Three Ways to Prepare for Easter

Luke 19:37-38; Romans 1:1-7

  1. We prepare through an authentic life of praise and adoration to Jesus Christ.
  2. We prepare as the Object of our praise and adoration becomes our identity.
  3. We prepare as our Identity in Christ becomes confirmed through genuinely belonging to the church.

Questions for Further Study:

  1. What are some of the normal ways people begin a letter or a phone call?
  2. When have you been startled by the opening paragraph of a letter?
  3. If you were writing the initial letter to a pen pal, how would you introduce yourself?
  4. How did Paul introduce and identify himself to the Romans? (Romans 1:1)
  5. What special calling on his life did Paul feel? (Romans 1:1)
  6. In what ways has God revealed His gospel to people? (Romans 1:2-4)
  7. Who is the focus of God’s gospel? (Romans 1:2-4)
  8. What credentials does Jesus have to confirm His claim as Son of God? (Romans 1:3-4)
  9. What did Paul and others receive as a calling for their lives? (Romans 1:5)
  10. Who were the new group of people being exposed to the gospel message? (Romans 1:5)
  11. What were the Gentiles and all people being called to believe? (Romans 1:5)
  12. How did Paul describe the people who were receiving this letter? (Romans 1:6)
  13. To whom was this letter written? (Romans 1:7)
  14. What kind of greeting did Paul send to his audience? (Romans 1:7)
  15. In what way do you feel God has placed a special calling on your life?
  16. What purpose for living has God given you?
  17. What words do you use to describe yourself to others as a follower of Jesus Christ?
  18. How did you feel when you realized God’s gospel was meaningful to you?
  19. What do most people today believe about God’s plan for the world?
  20. What do most people today believe about God’s plan for their personal salvation?
  21. How have your beliefs about Jesus Christ changed during the various stages of your life?
  22. In what ways would remembering in prayer each day God’s calling on and plan for your life affect your daily walk with Christ?
  23. With whom could you share God’s unfolding plan of salvation for the whole world?
  24. How would you explain God’s plan of salvation to a friend?
  25. To what friend could you explain God’s love and your response to His plan of salvation? How?

Worship on the Lawn 2018

Join us for a special day of worship on the lawn. The service begins at 10:30, one service with no Sunday School, and lunch will be served before noon. Ken is preaching a message called, “Jesus Responds to a Life Guilty of Sin” (Finding freedom from sin) from John 8:1-11 [ more information ]