Happy Thanksgiving 2017

We at King’s Grant pray you will have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving weekend! Count your many blessings. 

Remember that the office is closed from Wednesday at noon through Friday this week.

Please remember your assignments for Sunday – teachers, preschool volunteers, musicians, sound board guys… you know who you are. Our worship services don’t happen without our committed leaders.

Missions Giving Catalog for 2017

For more information about the organizations featured in our Missions Giving Catalog, please click the links below:

Catalyst Resources International

International Mission Board – Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – Global Missions Offering

Alma Hunt Offering

Judeo Christian Outreach Center

Campus Crusade

John Leland Center for Theological Studies

Virginia Voices International

People in Need Ministries


Journey to Christmas 2017

November 19th and 26th
Advent in a Box distribution
[ Advent Devotionals ]

December 1st
6:00 p.m. – Youth Christmas Party

December 2nd
6:00 p.m. – Pre-teen Christmas Party

December 3rd – Advent I
8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. – Worship Service

December 4th
5:00 p.m. – JOY Club to Tidewater Winds Concert at Sandler Center

December 8th
5:30-8:30 p.m. – Winter Wonderland: Parents’ Night Out
Registration is Required [ more info ]

December 10th – Advent II
8:30 a.m. – Worship Service
11:00 a.m. – Worship Service (combined with the Well)
6:00 p.m. – A Night of Worship
“Hallelujah For the Baby Who Came”

December 14th
3:00 p.m. – JOY Club to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

December 17th – Advent III
8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. – Worship Service

December 24th – Christmas Eve Services (Advent IV)
9:00 a.m. – Christmas Fellowship
10:00 a.m. – One Church Wide Worship Service
5:00 p.m. – Vespers (Candles, Carols, Communion)

Blood Drive at KGBC 2017

Blood Drive Volunteer Opportunity!

November 13th at KGBC – 1:00 -7:00 p.m.

Parents of Students: Does your kid need volunteer hours? Volunteers are needed to hand out juice and snacks at the canteen.

Please contact Karen Rowell if you can help!

DONORS: schedule an appointment in the welcome center, or go online. (on that page, click the red arrow to get to the appointment times)

The Leadership Pipeline Seminar

After all this talk about church and vision over the past few months, it’s time to make this practical.

  • What are the next logical steps to develop this equipping model of ministry?
  • How is the church designed to free members to find and fulfill what God has called them to do?
  • What are the next steps in personal spiritual development?
  • What is difference between a map and a menu?
  • What is the difference between a destination and a direction?
  • What is the difference between training volunteers and training leaders?
  • How would you describe our current leadership pathway?
  • How can we get this vision from a pipe dream to a pipeline?
  • Who will succeed you in your ministry after you are gone?

Beginning on Wednesday, October 25, we will have a 7-session video and discussion series on what is called “Leadership Pipeline.” Why? Because of this new vision Ken has been casting, and what we are calling “the next” for King’s Grant (development of an equipping culture), it cannot not happen apart from leadership development.

These video sessions are from the 2016 leadership pipeline conference and will cover these topics…

  1. Conviction, Culture, Constructs (Eric Geiger)
  2. A Vision for Pipeline and Your Vision’s Pipeline (Will Mancini)
  3. Strategy (Kevin Peck)
  4. Collaboration (Jenni Catron)
  5. Who Moved My Pulpit? And Other Change Issues (Thom Rainer)
  6. Leading Leaders (Carey Nieuwhof)
  7. Discipleship (Paul Tripp)

It all starts this Wednesdays October 25 in the sanctuary at 6:15.

OMC 2017

OMC (Organized Mass Chaos) is Sunday, September 10th at 5:00 p.m.

This is a church wide event, so bring the whole family!

There will be a children’s team (1st – 6th grades), a youth team (7th – 12th grades) and an adult team (college and up).

Children younger than 1st grade will be supervised with things to do.

If you just want to watch, you can do that too!

Wear something you don’t mind getting a little bit messy. (And it might be a good idea to bring a towel. Don’t worry! Nothing will get ruined.)

Wear your team color!!!
Adults will be wearing BLUE
Youth will be wearing GREEN
Kids will be wearing RED

Iron Sharpens Iron 2017

Join men from all over Hampton Roads at our annual LIVE (not simulcast) men’s conference featuring national keynote speakers and 16 men’s focused breakout sessions, resource exhibits and more. For all men 13 years and up.

[ Register Here ]

When: October 14th, 2017
Where: London Bridge Baptist Church

  • Group Early Registration – Per Person: $44 per person (10 or more men registered and paid together. Registration must be received by the end of Monday, October 2, 2017)
  • Early Registration, Individual by October 2nd, 2017 – $53 per man
  • Standard Registration Oct 3rd thru Oct 13th – $59 per man
  • Admission at the Door (except young men): $59 per man
  • Young Men, 13 – 22 (Anytime) – $29 per man
  • Optional Lunch Box – $8 per man (pre-orders only – cannot be ordered at the door)

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith. He connects with audiences in a tangible way through humor and stories while imparting hard evidence and logical support for viewing all areas of life through a Biblical worldview. Sean is an Assistant Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. And he is the Resident Scholar for Summit California.

Bill Paige is a gifted, passionate speaker whose broad appeal is anchored in a depth of life experience that includes 20 years of police and detective work in and around the New York City metropolitan area. In addition, Bill served for 14 years as the associate chaplain at Children’s Village, working with emotionally disturbed boys in the city, as well as 15+ years of senior leadership in Young Life. Bill serves currently as a Special Assistant to the President in Young Life.


7:30 AM – Registration and Exhibit Area opens
8:15 AM – Sanctuary Opens
8:30 AM – Conference Begins with Morning Main Session
10:15 AM – Morning Break – Refreshments, Exhibits Open
10:45 AM – Morning Seminar – Choice of Eight Seminars
12:00 PM – Lunch Break – Exhibits Open
1:00 PM – Mid-Day Main Session
1:30 PM – Short Break – Exhibits Open, Choose Seminars
2:00 PM – Afternoon Seminar – Choice of 8 New Seminars
3:15 PM – Afternoon Break – Refreshments, Exhibits Open
3:30 PM – Afternoon Main Session
4:55 PM – Conference Ends

Breakout Sessions:

To Be Determined
Bill Paige • Young Life

Red Light Doctrine – How Non-confrontation Turned an Elephant Into a Lion
Nick Liberto • Proven Men

Get Off the Couch and Live
Steve Reynolds • Bod4God

Leadership (We Are All Leaders)
Dave Johnson • Gathering of Men

For Love and Money
Randy Rowekamp • Crown Ministries

Being a Christian Man in the Workplace
David Garrett • Men Just Show Up

Encouraging Dad’s to Raise Godly Children
Philip McFarland • Moral Child

Building an Effective Men’s Ministry
Adam Hulstrand • Knights of 21st Century

Atheist Encounter – How Well Can You Defend Your Faith?
Sean McDowell • Capistrano Valley Christian Schools – National Speaker (All Men)

Sexual Purity
Steve Etner • The Pure Man Ministry

Nailing Your Colors to the Mast – Sharing Your Faith With the Lost World
Don Sunshine • Don Sunshine Ministries

A God Hearted Man
Jay Cookingham • Strategic Fathering Ministries

To Be Determined
William Tyree • First Baptist Berkeley – Norfolk

Bootcamp: Mission & Preparation for Maximum Growth and Impact
Ron Clark – Ron J. Clark Consultants

What Makes a Man … A Man!
Dr. Gregory Beechaum • Beyond Walls Ministries

The Lazarus Marriage
Keith Tully • Family Life

VBS 2017 Presentation

We had a great time at VBS this year, 191 different children, and 333 in the room for the Thursday Family Night presentation. Thank you to all our 85 volunteers, two wonderful VBS directors, and the many who helped set up the venue, and take it all down to get ready for church on Sunday.

Let’s do it all again next year… with GAME ON.

Enjoy this video presentation of the 2017 highlights…

Class Photos for Download…

This is a video recording from Thursday Family Night…

More on KGBC VBS through the years, visit kgbc.us/vbs