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2018-2019 is our fifth year offering Awana.  It has been such a blessing watching kids grow in their faith in this program. Children ages three years through sixth grade are invited to join us on Sunday evenings, September through April, 4:30-6:00 pm (unless otherwise noted) for a fun time of digging into the Bible, exciting games, building friendships, and memorizing Bible verses.

The AWANA program is a Bible centered ministry for children Ages 3 – Grades 6. Our goal is to love children to Jesus by teaching them the truths of God’s Word, encourage Scripture memorization, and the importance of serving Him.

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Here Are the Clubs We Offer…:

cubbiesCubbies is for children ages 3-5, potty-trained, and not yet in school.

awana-sparksSparks is for children in Kindergarten through grade 2.

awana-tntTNT is for children 3rd through 6th grades

Each Awana club meeting involves three parts:

  1. Clubbers play exciting games on the AWANA Game Circle.
  2. Clubbers memorized and recite Bible verses, complete handbook sections, and earn awards.
  3. Clubbers learn fun music and the Bible.

Club meets every Sunday afternoon 4:30 – 6:30 pm, September through April (unless otherwise noted).  Please arrive by 4:20 to check in. All clubbers will check in at door that displays the Awana Flag, located on the left side of the church, with a parent or guardian. Clubber should always have a parent or guardian with them during check in and check outplus they earn points!!

Clubbers should bring their Bible (unless in Cubbies, it is not required), Handbook, mission offering (25 cents), a bag to keep everything in so it doesn’t get lost, a friend when possible, along with a great attitude. You can rack up big points for our carnival!!!


  • For all Clubbers – Clubber uniform – vest and or clubber shirt, Tennis shoes only (you are not allowed to participate in game time unless you are wearing tennis shoes). No T-shirts promoting beer, cigarettes, alluding to sex, or containing any other inappropriate messages or innuendoes.
  • Girls – If wearing a dress or skirt shorts are required to be worn underneath, no midriffs (no stomachs showing), no apparel that is bra-less, bare shouldered, or does not cover bra straps, If swimsuit is needed, one piece only, no tankini, or French cut suits are to be worn. No shorty-shorts, mid length only.
  • Guys – No tanks, sagging of shorts, or pants. If swimsuit is needed, only mid length trunks like jammers.


1 Clubber $30 each

Fee is for AWANA membership and a few necessary supplies;

  1. AWANA vest or uniform shirt
  2. AWANA Handbook
  3. Various awards that will be earned and attached to their uniform
  4. Grand Prix and Carnival supplies
  5. Class and holiday treats, etc..

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Want to REGISTER? Return the registration form with your membership fee. For other friends, deliver the registration form and they can return it to us with their club membership fee. [ Registration Form ]

The Video for the End of the Year Ceremony (May 2016)

The Video from the End of the Year Ceremony (May 2015)

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