Godly Stewardship of Life

At the last Family Meeting (on December 3), we discovered that receipts are just keeping up with current expenses, however, when we put this information into context, it paints an interesting picture. If we plan to hire a new lead pastor and a full-time worship pastor (not to mention an office secretary) our current giving level will not sustain these desired positions.

So, your discipleship leadership team (in partnership with the finance committee) encourages you to be a part of a personal Bible study series on the stewardship of your life, which includes these important topics:

1) God’s Ownership Over All
2) Examples of Perfect Giving
3) Stewardship of Our Time
4) Stewardship of Our Bodies
5) Stewardship of Our Talents and Gifts
6) Stewardship of Our Possessions
7) Trusting God with Our Finances
8) Our Accountability to God

These lessons are not going to be taught in your Sunday class (like we did with the ReFocus Series). Rather, this series of lessons is for personal and family use. Perhaps many of our members have never studied in depth the topic of stewardship, which includes being good stewards of our time, talents, and treasure.

These lessons are now available at the church in the Welcome center and in the adult classrooms. We recommend going through one lesson each week (which has plenty of Scripture to read and reflect upon), allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts, your convictions, and your spirit regarding worshipful and intentional giving through your local church.

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