The Church of 2032 – Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof gave a talk at the BGAV on November 15, 2022, and he had us take a look at the church in 2032, to see what that church did in order to survive and thrive in the decade prior.

A key lesson is that everything has changed. The methods of the past will not take us to where we must go in the future. Will we adapt or die?

It’s 2032. Here’s What’s Left of the Church.

  1. Christian America Died. And the leaders who kept looking back never moved forward.
  2. Growing churches are now digital organizations with physical locations. Dying churches saw digital church as an obstacle, growing church saw it as an opportunity.
  3. The majority of church attendees are no longer in the room. Dying churches confined ministry to the building, growing churches did not.
  4. On-demand access now greatly surpasses attendance of live events, on-demand access reaches people when they’re ready, not when we’re ready.
  5. Growing churches shifted their focus from gathering to connecting.
  6. Community and connection matter more than content consumption.
  7. Growing churches staffed for digital.

Here is the Full Article with his Seven Main Points ]

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