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We all enjoy arriving at church each week and everything seems to run so smoothly, but in reality, nothing happens in the sanctuary that is not accomplished by faithful volunteers.

Think about all the things we never think about…

Who makes the coffee and has it ready on time?
Who blows the leaves and twigs off the sidewalks?
Who sets up the microphones?
Who operates the soundboard?
Who advances the slides while we sing hymns?
Who creates those announcement slides each week?
Who records the service and gets that online?
Who mixes the sound for the online recording?

There is no hand-picked special secret club, its accomplished by people just like you but have learned what to do and how to do it, and faithfully show up each week so all of us can attend a well-planned, quality worship experience.

May we have this attitude, same mind, intent on one purpose… to seek a place to serve before we seek a place to sit and soak.

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