What’s Your Enneagram – Students

UPDATE – February 6 and 13 – After Church in the Attic
It seems like everyone is talking about the Enneagram these days. Everyone wants to know what number you are! While we do not believe that the Enneagram is biblical, we do think that it (and other personality tests) can be a helpful tool in helping you understand some of the ways that God has specifically wired you. It can also be an incredible resource in learning what other people value who are different than you. We have found that the Enneagram offers great insight into how to minister to others in a more effective way!
We have had several students interested in learning more about the Enneagram, so we’re going to offer a 2 part series that breaks down:
1. What the 1-9 types are and what your specific gifts, strengths and weaknesses are.
2. How to understand the other numbers so that you can more effectively minister to your friends.
We can’t wait to share what we’ve been learning with you. The Enneagram has been so helpful to us in our ministry – we know you’ll find it fascinating.
Lunch will be provided for both sessions – just let Beth or Ryan know that you’re coming!
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