Student Bible Study – Sundays

Every Sunday Morning @ 9:30
While we recognize that Sunday School isn’t new (we’ve never stopped!), we are launching a brand new approach to Sunday School this fall.
First of all, did you know that Sunday School and Wednesday nights are intentionally different? They are two totally different experiences!
In Sunday School, our goal is to help students understand the Bible. It’s one of THE MOST important parts of discipleship! On Sundays, we read the Bible, we look at context (who’s saying it, to whom are they talking to, and WHY), we discover how it applies to us, and we get a big picture of who Jesus is from God’s Word. This is a HUGE part of a students spiritual development.
Our approach to how we do this is new this year. We’ve tried out SIX different curriculum’s this past summer, trying different teaching approaches, listening to student feedback, and we’ve come up with a different way of doing Sunday School.
Students will gather in the Attic at 9:30 a.m. for breakfast, hang out time and games. (More information on breakfast below.) This 9:30 start time is so that everyone in the family can find a Bible Study to be part of at the 9:30 hour.
Our lesson will kick off at 9:45 when one of our faithful leaders will teach a short lesson, and then we will go straight into small group questions and discussion led by another youth leader. We want to encourage students to talk more. It’s important that students ask questions, and talk things out. It’s how they learn to own their faith! We have really enjoyed the great discussions we’ve had this past summer.
Sunday School will end around 10:30, and then all students will be encouraged to attend worship at 11:00 with their families. (Worship – another MAJOR part of a students spiritual development.)
Our kick off series will be called “The Church” which covers doctrinal truth concerning the church. It specifically deals with the disciple-making mission of the church, the leadership of the church, and the two ordinances of baptism and communion. Join us for part one this Sunday at 9:30!
Parents – I would love to help you find a small group on Sunday mornings if you don’t have one. Please reach out if you’re interested in being involved in a small group Bible Study at the same time as your students.
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