Deep Dive for Students

Now, for something that is COMPLETELY BRAND NEW for Fall 2021 – DEEP DIVE.
This past year, as a youth group, we were working on reading through the New Testament. Students read 5 chapters a week, and then we’d get together to discuss them. We took a break from it over the summer, and then we had some students ask if we could bring it back. We thought: “Students that want to read their Bibles and then talk about it?!? That’s a no brainer!” So, we’re bringing back a similar style Bible Study on Sundays from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. in the room right next door to the Attic. We’ll be diving deep into Scripture, for more in depth conversation and explanation.
This is an ADDITIONAL Bible Study that we’re offering. Anyone and everyone is welcome to be part of Deep Dive, but our main Bible Study time will be at 9:30. There is no pressure to participate in Deep Dive, but we will always encourage students to take part.
Also, we bought a Keurig for this special Bible Study for those that may need a little caffeine jolt to get through the earlier time. 😉
FOR SUNDAY SEPT 19 – Students will need to read:
John 1 – 3
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