The Return of On-Campus Small Groups

History: How have we come to this point in the life of the church?

  1. In May 2020, we had a meeting in the sanctuary (on campus and online) about decentralizing our small groups; getting our groups and classes meeting together on campus using our larger rooms during the week. This allowed people to get together with the social distancing restriction. Several groups had decided to meet online using Zoom. A few groups are meeting on campus and broadcasting online at the same time.
  2. In 2021, we anticipated how we might move forward toward getting groups on campus on Sunday mornings and still be in a posture for growth. At some point, our governor was going to lift the COVID restrictions and we wanted to be ready. We invited all adult teachers and leaders to a meeting on Saturday March 27 (both online and on campus) to discuss the following.
    1. Access to for additional teaching resources,
    2. The use of for group management and communication,
    3. The promotion of our church mobile app for all things King’s Grant,
    4. Ideas for getting people connected to each other in this era of “church on demand,” and
    5. What to do after the eventual lifting of the governor’s restrictions now that a vaccine is available.
  3. The next meeting of the adult teachers and leaders (online and on campus) was Saturday May 8 at 8am. It was at this meeting that the Discipleship Leadership Team presented the current A-B Schedule. Darrell Foster moderated this portion of the meeting. The reason for the plan and the details of the plan were presented, this being a plan that works best for the maximum number of people, (realizing that any plan may be a challenge to a few people). Darrell challenged us to move forward with this plan for the greater good of the organization. There was no vote to accept this plan because the Discipleship Leadership Team is tasked by the church to be the champion of our discipleship ministry. At the May 8 meeting, there were questions asked and discussed but the overall consensus was that we had a plan that returned groups to campus.
  4. The next group to hear about this A-B Schedule was at deacons meeting on May 10 at 7pm. I shared the plan with the deacons as a way to get groups on campus on Sunday mornings and still keep the church in a posture for growth.
  5. We followed up that May 8 meeting with an e-mail to teachers and a link to the place to get the most up-to-date information to share with their classes [ ] At first, I shared an informational document but have since replaced it with a webpage link (I can effectively keep this webpage up-to-date as needed).
  6. There was an announcement video this past Sunday May 23 letting the church know that I will on May 30, present the plan publicly at the end of each worship service on campus, although anyone can access this online information ahead of time. 

So, the Discipleship Leadership Team addressed the adult teachers (March 27 and May 8), then I shared the plan with our deacons (May 10), and now I will share the plan with the congregation on May 30 (three weeks prior to the scheduled start date). None of this was to keep anyone in the dark, we simply progressed through proper channels. 

Sunday Morning Groups: Teacher/Leaders Meeting – May 8, 2021 [ Information about On-Campus Worship ]

Partial text of an e-mail sent to all adult class teachers and leaders on April 30, 202.

As planned, the month of April gave the Discipleship Leadership Team time to plan ahead for Adult classes to meet on campus on Sunday mornings. We have a plan but want to roll that out to everyone on Saturday May 8 at 8:00am, in the Fellowship Hall. Many have asked (and a few have heard) about the soon to be public new format for KGBC small groups on Sundays.

As always, if your class is meeting at times other than Sunday mornings, that frees up room space on campus and you are no longer bound by time and space (and are in a perfect position for numerical growth). 

Please note that churches all across this country have worship on Sundays and have midweek small groups in homes (or on campus) during the week. They make this sort of format work. There is nothing that says it can’t work here other than our own personal preferences against such a format, so the Discipleship Leadership Team is going to share a workable plan that allows for numerical growth even with classes meeting on campus on Sunday mornings. 


Social Distancing: It appears the governor is lifting the spacing restriction on May 28.

What About Masks? The governor and the CDC (May 15, 2021) have lifted the mask requirement for those who are fully vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, we encourage wearing a mask out of respect for others but we do not require one to attend here. If you do not wear a mask, we assume that you are fully vaccinated or have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask. HIPAA and the fourth amendment prevent us from asking about your condition.

After seeing the lack of success in COVID-era midweek small groups on campus, your Discipleship Leadership Team has prayed over and developed a plan where Sunday morning groups can still work in our favor (meaning, we can keep ourselves in a position of growth rather than going back to the way things used to be with a single Sunday School between two worship services – potentially filling every room with a class and at some point each room filled to capacity) …

  1. Worship continues as is, 9am and 11am, both services in the same format.
    1. An A-B small group schedule will only work when the services are the same. Block A begins at 9:30 and B begins at 10:40.
    2. There is no plan to have two worship services happening at the same hour.
    3. Those involved in leading worship do so at both services, removing them from their regular small group or class (at least on the days they are playing an instrument or singing). There will be a Worship Team and Dugout Small Group (made up of sound and projection volunteers) between the two services.
  2. At present, a full program of children’s ministry is not possible due to the lack of volunteers, so we are focusing our children’s ministry on 11am.
    1. Current volunteers attend at 9am and serve at 11am.
    2. We believe children’s ministry volunteerism will decrease when people choose to attend their adult small group if it meets on Sunday morning.
    3. May 23 update – Legacy Builders has a plan for meeting together at 9:30 with class parents sharing the children’s care and teaching responsibility.
  3. All families with children are encouraged to attend on-campus worship at 11am so their kids may participate in children’s church.
    1. If parents prefer 9am, their children will remain with them in the sanctuary.
    2. At present, we recommend that families with children continue to attend online small group (like at 9:30) and then head to church for on-campus worship at 11am with children’s church.
    3. OR, participate in the Legacy Builders group at 9:30 (in the absence of a full children’s Sunday School program).
  4. Class assignments have been “recommended” based upon the number of people expected to attend that class.
    • Larger classes are encouraged to attend worship at 9am and have class at 10:40. This moves more people into the 9am service and allows space for families with children who attend at 11am (and accommodate guests checking out our church, likely at 11am).
    • Shared Rooms (please note that teachers may communicate with another teachers about swapping times and even rooms, but let us know what the two classes have agreed upon):
      • 1 – Foursquare at 9:30 / The Deacon Resource Room (deacon cards, envelops, during the week)
      • 3 – Koinonia at 9:30
      • 5 – Joy Class at 9:30, Worship Overflow at 11:00
      • 7 – Young Adults at 9:30; Mary & Martha at 10:40
      • 8 – Room used for scheduled meetings
      • 10 – Choir Room for the Worship Team Group at 10:15
      • 13 – Special Needs with Chris (9:30 and 10:40)
      • 15 – New Life / Breakfast Club at 9:30, Agape at 10:40
      • 17 – Online Service Recording Studio (for now, this may move upstairs)
      • 18/20 – BSF at 9:30, Spiritual Journey at 10:40
      • 106 – Good News at 9:30, Children’s Church at 11:00
      • 206 – (perhaps the new recording area)
      • 208 – available, (if young adults move to room 7 at 10:40)
      • 210 – Legacy Builders (9:30 with class member volunteer child care)
    • What about times other than 9:30 and 10:40?
      1. A class may also consider doing something creative…
        1. Some groups may want to meet at 7:45am and attend 9am worship.
        2. Some groups may want to meet under the shade trees on the south lawn.
        3. Some groups may choose to meet in a member’s home at 9:30 (in a back yard or living room) and then come to worship at 11am.
        4. Some groups may meet at Wawa around the picnic tables (or some other public place) and have breakfast and small group before worship at 11am.
        5. Some groups may still meet during the week to free up their Sunday morning for worship without distraction and busyness.
      2. The Choir Room will be available at 11:00 (but if attending 9am worship, it leaves about 45 minutes until the group begins).
      3. Some groups may choose to meet at 12:30, bring food and have worship at 11am and then small group.
      4. The hour of 10am is reserved for special gatherings.
        1. The Crash Course will meet on select Sundays at 10:15.
        2. Coffee with the Pastor will meet on select Sundays at 10:15.
        3. The Worship Team will gather for prayer and devotion at 10:15.
        4. Various church committees will have the option of meeting at 10:15 while members are already on campus for worship.
  5. What about Children and Students on Sunday mornings?
    1. The 11am service is the prime time for these families (preschool up through Grade 4 in Children’s Church with Grades 5-12 with their parents).
    2. The Student Ministry has their primary Bible study group meeting on Wednesday evening with a small F-260 group (a second meeting each week – a relational discipleship group) meeting at 10am on Sundays.
      1. Please note that adult groups do not have the option of meeting at 10am for the simple fact that if one adult group does it, all adult groups should be able to do it. If all groups meet at 10am, we have ZERO room for numerical growth).
      2. Please also note that the Worship Team is unable to participate in either small group block so they will use the 10am hour to meet as a small group.
    3. Student and Children’s Ministries will develop a plan for future Sunday meeting times as volunteers come back into service. Midweek groups for children through adults are planned for Fall 2021.

We need a coordinated effort to share this information with the entire church. The Discipleship Leadership Team and Staff have discussed this plan. We shared this with adult class teachers and leaders (May 8), and with the deacon body (May 10). We then shared this plan to the congregation on Sunday May 30 at the end of each on-campus service, taking questions afterwards.

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