Wednesday Life Group

While we still can’t get together in person, God’s church is not limited to just staying at home. The enemy is not going to win.

So, our pastor of discipleship is convening an online group meeting at 6:15pm onWednesday. We have a lot of Wednesday night regulars familiar with Life Groups, but if you are not, here is what to expect…

  • Ken preaches a powerful message each Sunday, so we want to get the most out of it by discussing and applying what we experienced. Ken’s latest message can be found here. (generally the top-left video on this page).
  • The Worship Guide for last Sunday is found here.
  • The Class Questions we are using are found here, if you would like to know ahead of time and be ready to respond in the group.
  • You can easily join this group by signing up. Text only the word LIFEGROUP to 757-330-4484 and follow the instructions we send back. You need to click the link we send, and submit a very brief form. When we have your contact information, we’ll send you the Zoom meeting link.

While we are meeting on campus, this is also a Zoom meeting, so this information is important for your access to the group.

  • Once in the LIFE GROUP, you will receive a weekly text and e-mail, as a reminder, with the Zoom link.
  • You will be invited to download the zoom meeting platform to your computer, and download the Zoom App for your phone or tablet.
  • The meeting ID and password will be a part of the meeting link.
  • For security of the meeting, the host will keep you in a “waiting room” and let you in. This helps keep out hackers and those wanting to sabotage our meeting with inappropriate mischief.
  • This is IMPORTANT – when asked for your name, give us your real name. If the name is not recognized, you will not be let in the meeting. The host will keep a list of those who have responded to the meeting invitation (whether you responded by e-mail or text).
  • The meeting uses your computer or webcam microphone and camera. You are totally in control by muting your microphone and disabling your camera.
  • We will discuss our pastor’s message and the passage he used the previous Sunday.
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