Still Happening

With all of the things that have changed over the past few weeks, it is so important to be reminded of the things that are STILL HAPPENING…

  1. Worship is still happening – it is finally coming together. Continue to pray that the message of Easter will continue to shine brightly.
    1. If this is your first time with us, let’s connect. Let us know you are leaning in at King’s Grant. We won’t add you to a mailing list, we just want to connect.
    2. Our Connect Card is still happening – click here and let us know you’re with us, or if you have a need or prayer request.
    3. Our worship bulletin is still happening – click here to prepare for and see what’s happening this Sunday and how to prepare for online worship.
  2. Small groups are still happening…
    1. The Men’s group is still happening on Wednesdays, except NOT at Denny’s, we’re online.
    2. The Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Class is still happening on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings, online together.
    3. The Student Ministry is still happening with Sunday morning Bible study and Wednesday evening youth group.
    4. Sunday School is still happening – many classes are meeting online using the Zoom platform.
    5. Wednesday Night Life Group is still happening … while we are not having Midweek Cafe, we can still get together for Life Group. Here are some questions to consider.
  3. Church attendance is still happening – when we meet online, we can see the name of the people we love gathering together for worship. We are excited to hear about groups getting together; remember that numbers represent people!
  4. Giving is still happening – so many of you are continuing to invest in the mission of King’s Grant by sending your tithe check to the church even though we don’t have the chance to pass an offering plate! Others have found out how to give online using our giving app and the church website.
  5. Family ministry is still happening – while we can’t meet with your kids and have Sunday School, our director of children’s and preschool ministries is providing parents with tools to raise their kids in the knowledge of the Lord. Check out the Family Ministry Facebook Page.
  6. Service to others is still happening – our people have stepped up to volunteer to meet the needs of our community, which is a little more difficult in the time of social distancing, but our passion to serve is still strong. We are challenging our people to make an impact in their circle of influence, primarily among their neighbors.
  7. Prayer is still happening – we are a praying people, the prayer requests are still going out, your staff still prays for you all, and we have many prayer warriors ready to pray with you when the need is made known.
  8. God’s Word is still happening – through technology and dedication to the Great Commission, God’s Word is being shared on the internet, through social media, and we are blessed every morning by devotions written by our lead pastor. Text the word KGBC to 22828 to get on the Weekly E-mail list – King’s Grant At-a-Glance.
  9. Our meeting together is still happening – just because we cannot meet in our wonderful building, we are not defined by that building, or even by the way we worship. The point is, we still meet together for corporate worship, except we have to do this more creatively. It’s easy to just show up at church at the right time, but it takes a little effort top figure out how to navigate all this technology to continue doing the things we love and know if so important in our spiritual lives.
  10. Decisions for Jesus are still happening…
    1. If you want to know more about following Jesus or becoming a Christian, let’s connect.
    2. If you want to join the church, you don’t have to wait until we meet on campus, let’s connect.
    3. If you need someone to pray with you, for whatever reason, let’s connect.

May God bless our efforts to spread the gospel, meet as the body of Christ, and responsibly serve others in Jesus’ name.

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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