Live Stream Troubleshooting

During this season of live-streaming our Sunday morning worship, some people may discover issues with the sound or video, so, this is our troubleshooting page.

Try these solutions, then if you still have trouble, text the word HELPDESK to 62488 and you’ll receive a phone call from one of our technology helpers.


  • Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we did not see it… somewhere of the video screen, look for a microphone icon that let’s you “unmute” the video.
  • Make sure your computer or device sound is unmuted, and volume is up.
  • If using headphones, are they in working order? Plugged in?
  • If you hear some other conversation that does not appear to be your staff (like on an open mic), check to make sure the KGBC Live Stream is the only browser window open.
  • If needed, perhaps close your browser and then open a new one, then type this address into your new browser –


  • Is the video choppy? Perhaps other devices in your home are taking up bandwidth (but with today’s high speed internet, this might be unlikely).
  • Is the video “frozen?” Move your cursor over the video and find the pause/play button. A video restart may be needed (pause then play) and the video should jump to the latest point in time.
  • Video is still “frozen?” Try refreshing your browser page.
  • If needed, perhaps close your browser and then open a new one, then type this address into your new browser –


  • If none of this works, or you discovered a problem not listed here, please write your problem in the comments box below.
  • If you discover a solution not mentioned here, please write in the comment box what you did to solve the issue.


The comments section below is a great place to tell us about the trouble you are experiencing. We are unable to respond in real time (since your staff is actively involved with the broadcast) so your comments will be read ASAP. We will respond soon and attempt to make this event a more rewarding experience in the future. Please let us know about your experience.

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