Lancaster PA – Queen Esther

Here’s the Trailer…

[ Here’s the Back Story of the Play ]

Here is Our Plan for the Event…

  1. Sign up to go on this trip – visit the bulletin board or see Elsie Greer.
  2. Click the Hotel Link to make your own hotel reservation, or call the hotel at the number above. Cost will vary starting at $67 double occupancy. Paying in advance, non-refundable is the cheapest rate, or book now and pay later with the ability to cancel, for a slightly higher rate.
  3. Transportation: we have a 15 seat bus, your ticket secures your spot, or you may choose to travel in your own car. Currently we have enough people for both buses!
  4. Arriving: We plan to leave the church parking lot at 4:00 am on Thursday May 7. We will plan on stopping for a mid-morning breakfast on the Easter Shore, then arrive in the Lancaster area around 11:00am. Then take in a couple local sights like the Railway Museum of Pennsylvania ($10), the Choo Choo Barn ($8.50), or the National Toy Train Museum ($7).
  5. Evening Meal: we will hit a nice place for dinner around 4:30, at the Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant. Give Elsie $26 per people for this outstanding meal, by Sunday April 5.
  6. The Play, Queen Esther – arrive at Sight and Sound at 6:00 pm, and the show begins at 7:00.
  7. Back to the hotel for some fellowship and rest (and maybe some ice cream).
  8. On Friday morning after breakfast, stop at the Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture Shop when it opens.
  9. Head back home around 10:00. Late lunch on the Easter Shore, back at the church near dinnertime.
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