Get This for July 9

Tuesday, July 9

“…lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Greetings in Christ,

Daily decisions! Their value is sometimes underestimated. How much importance do you place on the decisions you make throughout the day?

“Please realize that the small decisions you make are directly connected to the big differences you would like to see in your life” (Craig Groeschel, Divine Direction, 18).

Place higher value on the choices you make throughout the day; make a decision that God desires. Your own understanding tells you that small decisions don’t matter. But when you make a “God-decision,” even when it seems small, it is like opening a door for God to do something new and fresh in your life.

Pray with your spouse today; decide to volunteer for something in your church and community that you haven’t done in a long time; reach out to that friend who needs you; call the counselor for help with that issue being ignored; visit a neighbor; invite someone to church; spend an extra 5 minutes memorizing a Bible verse; talk to a friend about a relationship with Jesus.

“God-Decisions!” They are everywhere in our lives just waiting for us to take a small step. Today, make that decision. Don’t worry that it seems small. Make it according to the heart of God and watch Him guide your life like never before.

Join us this Sunday, July 14, as we take a look at the topic of God’s guidance in our lives and how to know the difference between God’s way and our impulses and plans.

In Christ and for Christ,

Dr. Kenneth R. Pruitt
873 Little Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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