Medical Debt Reduction Campaign

Dear Church Family,

Today we celebrate an incredible opportunity as we move forward toward our 50th Anniversary of ministry. Many things have changed since 1969, but the blessing of God continue. In response to God’s blessings, this church has always been a generous church. In the 50th Year of God’s people Israel, God blessed them with a year of Jubilee, indicating among other blessings of God that all debts of His people would be paid in full.

This year, your 50th Planning Team, Finance Committee, and Staff have been praying about how to help someone in crisis with their debt (particularly the most oppressive debt presently in our culture: medical debt). God recently led us to a non-profit agency – RIP Medical Debt (a 501 c3) – that will help give direction to donations from a church, professionally research and identify the greatest needs in the church’s general area and surrounding regions, and help resolve the medical debt ($100 of debt for every $1 donated).

With Finance, 50th Planning Team, and Staff in full support, we have the opportunity right now to give so that we can help reduce the medical debt in Hampton Roads and beyond. In this way we celebrate our Year of Jubilee and the faithfulness of God to us by giving to those presently in crisis. (The non-profit agency will research the families in the greatest need by strict standards, will keep the families anonymous to us so that we are giving freely, and will inform the recipients of our contributions so that they may know that this expression of love comes from the hearts of people serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.)

Today, we begin celebrating our year of jubilee by pouring into the lives of those who are trapped and cannot help themselves. Today we begin celebrating God’s goodness in our lives by passing on His blessings right here at home and beyond. In this way, we continue to love our city, and our cities in Hampton Roads, and our state. Let’s prayerfully consider how each of us can give to see God’s blessings multiplied. Below are two significant questions as we move forward.

How can you begin giving right now? There are two options.

  • First, you may give through King’s Grant Baptist Church. (If using a check, please make check payable to Kings Grant Baptist Church, and in the memo write, “Medical debt.”)
  • Second, you may CLICK HERE and give online.

How can you find out more information of our partnering agency and how this opportunity is made possible? Please CLICK HERE to learn more. (Remember that all online donations must be made through the above link.)

Thank you for your generosity, and for your heart for those in need. We are excited about the next 50 years.

KGBC Leadership

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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