New Small Groups in 2019

Something new is on the horizon.

We have many Bible study classes here at King’s Grant, and if you have been down our adult class hallway, rooms are pretty crowded. Starting new groups is always a good idea, but space is also limited. So, what can we do to reach more people and get them into experiencing community as intended?

GET INTO A SUNDAY SMALL GROUP: Beginning on Sunday, April 28, the Sunday after Easter, Scott Chafee is starting a new group in the sanctuary. It is a pastor’s class where we will discuss “the stuff they don’t teach you in Sunday School.” Topics will vary and are more strategic for the KGBC mission. Participants may even guide the discussion toward topics that interest them.

It is so easy to check it out and sign up, simply click this link to find and join Scott’s new group! If you are 20- or 30-something, married, engaged, or single, this class may be just right for you.

TEACHING ON SPIRITUAL GIFTS: There has been a lot of focus on how God has gifted his church, and hopefully you have taken the spiritual gifts inventory, or at least completed the exercise Ken led us through on March 17.

Scott is going to facilitate a seminar in May regarding Spiritual Gifts. So if you are interested in learning more about what Ken’s Essential series is about, and how to make it practical in your life, join us for the “You Are Gifted” seminar, May 1, 8, or 15 (each are Wednesdays at 6:00 pm). Yes, ONE session, THREE opportunities to attend. Click here to join this seminar. Sort of a trinity of teaching.

NEW LIFE GROUPS: Since our Wednesday Life Groups are finishing the semester on April 10, what if members and regular attendees invited friends and neighbors to their home on the most convenient evening of the week? The topic would be to discuss the pastor’s message from last Sunday, or the passage from the Sunday School lesson, or any passage that would be of interest to the group. We have provided questions for most any passage in the Bible, right on the church website. You can do this! Allow the Holy Spirit and your Christian experience to to guide your discussion.

This project is sort of like Decentralized Life Groups… Life Groups on YOUR schedule. Talk to Scott Chafee about how to get involved and pick up an informational brochure in the Information Center. You can also read about this online… a good explanation about how this works.

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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