Consider Your Ways

Paula and Fontaine have been married nearly 37 years, telling us that their calling to ministry came very early.

Their lives are a series of saying YES to Jesus.

Haggai, called to rebuild the temple, said people were distracted and it was not finished. The people said things like, the time has not yet come, let me delay a bit and pray about it first, we need more time. They basically took care of themselves. They were a part of a “me first” generation, filled with good intentions, understanding the kingdom task yet they were easily sidetracked.

BUT, give careful thought to your ways.

We, too, are very busy doing our thing, but nothing is ever enough, we are never satisfied. We scroll through life and news feeds. A one-week mission trip catches your heart, but when have you wrestled with God’s direction for your life? God’s will should be right, blessed, and easier than what we are experiencing, but there is struggle.

How often do we question the call and go back to that which is familiar? Fontaine sought to be a State Farm agent, and Paula could teach school. It all seemed possible, the finances, ministry, then the path was blessed, State Farm said, “welcome aboard,” but was it blessed? They were not adding agencies in Florida, but Iowa and Minnesota. This big circle of going our own way was not acceptable. Doors were closing and what to do now?

Give careful thought to your ways. Friends need to speak into your lives. Continue in trust, faith, following Christ.

Jesus made it simple in Matthew 6:33, seek first HIS kingdom and this other stuff will be added to you.

We are not building a temple, but building people. We are that temple. There is sacred on your left and on your right. We are BUSY, not rebellious, not running from God, just busy. Consider the direction of God versus the direction I want.

On their first mission trip, they visited an orphanage with children content with shelter and food, and limited educational opportunities. Yet, they went back to Orlando committed to be a better missionary in Orlando.

When we embrace the Great Commission, are committed to doing it only here at home? There is a God element in this passage, the dew was withheld. They had status without satisfaction, prosperity without peace.

Peter fished all night and Jesus challenges him. The moment he yielded his boat to Jesus, the nets began to break.

Fontaine said he knew five groups who might come to Guatemala, my circle is so small. The power of social media in God’s hands, they will host about 80 groups this year.

Consider your ways, what could God accomplish through you? How will you impact the kingdom through your obedience?

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