Building Bridges

God longs for the day when we will see and treat people as He does. From the beginning, He made human beings in His image. Each person is of inestimable worth, created to live in life-giving relationship with others and work for the good of the world. But sin brought division, discord, and alienation from God and one another. Through Jesus, we have found forgiveness and reconciliation with God and we are being restored to God’s original purpose for life and humanity. God longs for all people to be reconciled to Him and with one another. How are you working toward and living out God’s vision and purpose?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.— Matthew 5:9

This is why our very first key value is COMMUNITY. It is our desire so see people connected in community; connected to the family of God (salvation through Jesus Christ) and connection to King’s Grant (active membership and participation in our local fellowship).

Click here to read more about the vision of King’s Grant.

[ The top portion of this post is from the Lead Like Jesus devotional for January 21, 2019 ]

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

One Reply to “Building Bridges”

  1. Mark

    Hello Friends,
    God bless you for your amazing Website page. I just stumbled across it and not by Chance but I do believe it is God’s leading. Amen! I am Pastor Mark from Kenya and am the lead Pastor of our church started 6 years ago. Our people here are so hungry for truth and knowledge of the scripture. This is such a Blessing to know of your good information and I am sharing this wonderful site with all my church members here in Kenya and people in the community.I pray God bless your website and may it go throughout the whole world with God’s Blessing and Guidance.Kindly please share more with us and help us with your teaching materials for they will help us to win more souls to Christ Jesus we pray and request you to kindly share books and Bibles with us and I pray that Lord will lead you to come to this side one day and share the word of God with us we hope that God bless us to share more in his kingdom.Would you like me to share some ministry pictures? It will be a blessing to share with you more about our small church and please would be happy to Skype or zoom with you.
    Pr. Mark


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