December 13.  LOVE THAT PROMISES  

“To Abraham and to His descendants forever, even as He said to our Fathers.”   Luke 1:55

I am presently enjoying one of the grand privileges of ministry: helping an engaged couple prepare for marriage.  Recently, as I encouraged Madison and Drew with the thoughts of a “covenant marriage,” I was blessed to witness how sacredly they embraced the thought of marriage as a literal promise.  My heart is moved anytime I witness a young couple becoming overwhelmed at the reality of fulfilling a promise.  Madison and Drew will have an incredible beginning to their journey into marriage because they have embraced the reality that true love is a promise-fulfilling love.  This reminds me of something we cannot dare miss this advent season.

Mary sang a song of immense doctrine and quiet worhsip as she learned that God would bring forth the Messiah through her.  (This song is known as the Magnificat, from the Latin, “my soul magnifies the Lord.”)  Although a virgin, she took God at His word and lived obediently for this purpose.  The last recorded line of her song announces, “To Abraham and His decedents forever, even as He has said to our Fathers.”  History came alive in her worship, and she availed herself to the confidence that comes from the promise.  Mary’s jubilant refrain indicated that she recalled God’s covenant promise to be merciful to His people forever (Genesis 22:16-18).  Christ’s birth would fulfill this promise, and Mary’s melody revealed that she understood this.

The promise reinforced the love of God.  His love gave the purpose for the promise.  Much as discovered in marriage, God’s example and design is that love and promise not be separated.

This Christmas Season, remember that the babe in the manger was the satisfaction of God’s promise.  That night in Bethlehem proved that God did just as He promised.  Are you now ready to trust God even more deeply than you have in the past?  He is a covenant keeping God. 

This is promise.  This is love.  This is Christmas. 


Today, read the entirety of Luke 1, and rejoice in God who has fulfilled all His promises in Christ Jesus. 

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