The Inner Life of a Believer

The Inner Life of the Follower of Jesus
Jesus teaches His disciples about the Holy Spirit
John 14:16-31

Questions for Further Study:

  1. When might you use a figure of speech to explain something? Why?
  2. What painful experiences in your life have resulted in joy?
  3. When have you enthusiastically anticipated someone’s return or arrival?
  4. How did the disciples react to Jesus’ “in a little while” statement? (John 16:17-18)
  5. What did Jesus tell His disciples would happen to them? (John 16:19-20)
  6. To what did Jesus compare His disciples’ response to His departure and return? (John 16:21-22)
  7. What did Jesus tell His disciples they would do when they saw Him again? (John 16:23)
  8. What hadn’t the disciples done up until this point? (John 16:24)
  9. What kind of language did Jesus use to speak to His disciples? (John 16:25)
  10. Why did the Father love the disciples? (John 16:26-27)
  11. From where did Jesus come and to where was He going? (John 16:28)
  12. Why did the disciples say that they believed Jesus had come from God? (John 16:29-30)
  13. What did Jesus predict the disciples would do? (John 16:31-32)
  14. What did Jesus want for His disciples? (John 16:33)
  15. Why did Jesus tell the disciples to take heart? (John 16:33)
  16. How would you have responded to Jesus’ words had you been there with His disciples?
  17. What grief or sorrow in your life has God turned to joy?
  18. For what can we ask the Father?
  19. How has God made your joy complete?
  20. How does the knowledge of Jesus’ return make you joyful?
  21. What figures of speech have helped you better understand spiritual truths?
  22. What relationship do we have with the Father today?
  23. What trouble do we have in the world as followers of Christ?
  24. How does the fact that Jesus has overcome the world encourage you?
  25. In the midst of trouble, on what encouraging truth from this passage will you rely?
  26. Because of your restored relationship with the Father, what can you ask Him to give to you in Jesus’ name?
  27. What grief or sorrow do you need to entrust to God?
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