Relative – Three Key Relationships

RELATIVE! – Three Key Relationships
(Jesus teaches His disciples about their relationships with Himself, with each other, and with the world.)
John 15:1-27

  1. The BRANCHES – WE MUST ABIDE – John 15:1-8 – the believer relates to the Son
    1. The Symbols – John 15:1, 5a-5b
      1. The Son is the True Vine
      2. The Father is the Gardener
      3. The believers are the branches
    2. The Steps – John 15:2-4, 5c-6
      1. We must submit to pruning by the Father
        1. He challenges the branch – takes away
        2. He cleanses the branch – he prunes
      2. We must abide in the Son
        1. The branch attached to the Vine
        2. The branch abiding in the Vine
        3. The branch available to the Vine
    3. The Success – John 15:7-8
      1. The fruit we bear
        1. Sanctification – we become like Jesus
        2. Spirituality – we behave like Jesus
        3. Souls – we are burdened for people like Jesus
      2. The results we experience
        1. An unhindered prayer life
        2. Glorifying of the Father
        3. Proof we are his disciples
  2. The BELIEVER – WE MUST OBEY – John 15:9-17 – the believer relates to others
    1. The Priority – John 15:9-12
      1. The Father loves the Son
      2. The Son loves the believers
      3. The believer is commanded to love
    2. The Proof – John 15:13-15
      1. What Jesus will do for the believer – die for us
      2. What Jesus has done for the believer – friends, not servants
    3. The Promises – John 15:16-17
      1. He chose us
      2. Branches will bear permanent fruit that will remain
      3. Prayer will be answered
  3. The BATTLE – WE MUST ENDURE – John 15:18-27 – the believer relates to the world
    1. Life will be hard – John 15:18-21 – those who desire to live godly lives will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12)
    2. Love has come – John 15:22-25 – the world hated Jesus so we will be hated for the same reason
    3. Leaving a Helper – John 15:26-27 – three things will happen
      1. Truth – the Spirit of truth
      2. Testifying – Spirit testifies of the Son
      3. Testimony – those who know him will testify to Jesus as well

Questions for Further Study:

  1. What are the marks of a true friendship?
  2. What do you do to maintain your friendships?
  3. How are Jesus and the Father related? (15:1)
  4. What is Jesus and who is the Father? (15:1)
  5. How does the gardener tend to the branches that bear fruit and the branches that do not? (15:2)
  6. What did Jesus say the branches must do in order to bear fruit? (15:4)
  7. Who are the branches? (15:5)
  8. What did Jesus say would happen to the branches that did not remain in Him? (15:6)
  9. What privilege was given to the branches that remained in the vine? (15:7)
  10. What would be demonstrated by the disciples’ bearing much fruit? (15:8)
  11. What did Jesus urge His disciples to do? (15:9)
  12. How were Jesus’ disciples to remain in His love? (15:10)
  13. Why did Jesus talk with His disciples about vines and branches? (15:11)
  14. What command did Jesus give His disciples? (15:12)
  15. What is the greatest manifestation of love? (15:13)
  16. Who did Jesus say were His friends? (15:14)
  17. Why did Jesus call His disciples friends? (15:15)
  18. Why did Jesus choose His disciples? (15:16)
  19. What was Jesus’ command? (15:17)
  20. How are we to remain in Jesus? Why?
  21. What does it mean to bear fruit as a Christian?
  22. How are we to bear fruit?
  23. When is it difficult to develop and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus?
  24. In what way has God been removing “dead” or useless pieces from your character?
  25. In what way is your joy complete?
  26. When do you struggle with loving others the way Jesus has loved you?
  27. What kind of friend are you to Jesus?
  28. Why is it hard to be Jesus’ friend?
  29. What steps can you take to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ?
  30. How can you be a better friend to Jesus beginning today?
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