Our M3 Emphasis for 2018

We hope you will join us for our local “Back to Church” on September 9. Graded classes will promote to their new classrooms (9:45), we will have a children’s celebration before classes begin, we are excited about the beginning of our new Gospel Project curriculum, and have a place for every family member.

Join us this September during our M3 Emphasis…

[ read about our core values, Community, Faith, Love, and the M1-M2-M3 vision ]

With an M3 emphasis (member, minister, missions), what are the possibilities of actually recognizing all three components of the vision during September? Below could be a potential schedule. Take a look and let me know your feedback. We will also discuss this tomorrow in staff.

Celebrating M1. On Sunday, September 9, celebrate “Back to Church” Sunday, emphasizing the first of our core values – COMMUNITY, represented by M1 (MEMBER). An invite card will be handed to every member to use with inviting others to visit KGBC.

Celebrating M2. On Sunday, September 16, emphasizing our second core value – FAITH, represented by M2 (MINISTRY). During this day we WILL celebrate and give special thanks to all who serve through KGBC.

Celebrating M3. On Sunday, September 30, emphasizing our third core value – LOVE, represented by M3 (MISSION). This will be our Mission Sunday, sharing the call and opportunity for everyone to live a missional life.

Our Vision Statement: We exist as a community of faith to extend the love of Christ and his kingdom in Virginia Beach and to the world.

Our Vision Casting Video Series: [ Click Here ]


Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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