Avoid the Traps of Religion

Jesus Argues Against the Traps of Religion / John 8:12-59
(4 Ways to know the Difference between Religion and a Relationship with Jesus…)

  1. Religion: obligation; Relationship: encounter.
    1. Do you follow Jesus out of obligation or habit rather than because you have had an encounter with the living God?
    2. Do you believe what others have said about Jesus rather than discovering Jesus through his Word?
  2. Religion: association; Relationship: change.
    1. Are you a part of the church because of the relationships here, or because your family is connected to the church rather than being here due to an encounter with Jesus producing a changed mind and heart and habits?
    2. Are you happy and content with personal preferences at church or open to change than might bring in new people and expressions of worship?
  3. Religion: claims; Relationship: devotion.
    1. Do you make claims over the church rather than recognize that the church belongs to Christ?
    2. Are you able to express your devotion to Jesus in all circumstances and methods without making claims and objections that uphold personal preferences in worship?
  4. Religion: institutionalism; Relationship: Christ-centered.
    1. Is your focus really on Christ and his mission at church or do earthly methods prevent you from encountering and enjoying the worship of God and the fellowship of other believers?
    2. Have you embraced the institution of the church tighter than the Lord over the church?
    3. In what ways have you sought to build your own kingdom rather than allowing Christ to build his kingdom here at King’s Grant?

Questions for Further Discussion:

  1. To what sort of things do people today become enslaved?
  2. What does it mean to you to be free? What doesn’t it mean?
  3. What did Jesus say to the Jews who had believed in Him? (John 8:31)
  4. What did Jesus say the truth would do for those who knew it? (John 8:32)
  5. How did the Jews respond to Jesus’ statement about freedom? (John 8:33)
  6. Who did Jesus say is a slave to sin? (John 8:34)
  7. How does Jesus distinguish a slave from a son? (John 8:35)
  8. What is the result of being freed by the Son? (John 8:36)
  9. What did Jesus say the Jews were ready to do? (John 8:37)
  10. Who did the Jews say was their father? (John 8:39)
  11. In what way were the Jews mistaken about Abraham? (John 8:39)
  12. What did Abraham not do? (John 8:40)
  13. What claim did Jesus’ accusers make? (John 8:41)
  14. Of what did the Jews accuse Jesus? (John 8:48)
  15. How did Jesus respond to the accusation against Him? (John 8:49)
  16. What did Jesus say He wasn’t seeking? (John 8:50)
  17. What did Jesus say would be the result of keeping His word? (John 8:51)
  18. How did the Jews respond to Jesus’ claim? (John 8:52)
  19. What question did the Jews ask Jesus? (John 8:53)
  20. Who glorifies Jesus? (John 8:54)
  21. Whom did Jesus claim to know? (John 8:55)
  22. What made Abraham rejoice? (John 8:56)
  23. Why were the Jews so astonished by what Jesus said? (John 8:57)
  24. Before whom did Jesus claim He had existed? (John 8:58)
  25. What did the Jews attempt to do to Jesus? Why? (John 8:58-59)
  26. How are you like your mother or father?
  27. To what sin are you a slave?
  28. From what sin have you been set free?
  29. How does truth set someone free?
  30. How has the Son set you free?
  31. In what way are we like God our Father?
  32. When do we act like illegitimate children?
  33. How can you better enjoy your freedom in the Son?
  34. How do you usually respond to things you don’t understand or can’t explain?
  35. How do you respond to situations that you can’t control?
  36. How do you respond when your authority is being challenged?
  37. To what authorities in life do you appeal for truth?
  38. Whose glory do you seek?
  39. How can you honor God with your life?
  40. How does a person keep Jesus’ word?
  41. How well do you keep Jesus’ word?
  42. How do you know that you know God?
  43. From what enslaving sin will you ask God to set you free?
  44. What action will you take in order to act more like a child of God?
  45. What is one way that you can honor God with your life today?
  46. How can you seek God’s glory rather than your own in your work this week?
  47. What do you need to do in order to keep Jesus’ word?
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