FRIDAY, December 14

A Necessary Interruption

In our family, we practice what is called the interrupt rule.  If a child needs to tell an adult something, and if that adult is talking to someone else, the child does not have the right to interrupt.  Instead, the child raises a hand so that the adult, usually mom or dad, can recognize the child’s question when adult conversation concludes. The reason for the interrupt rule is to teach children how to recognize and respect adults when they in conversation with one another.  If you are wondering whether or not the interrupt rule works every single time in our home, I will leave that to you imagination. 

     But, in the grander scope of life, there is something the follower of Jesus needs to learn, and learn well: God has the ultimate right to interrupt us anytime He pleases; He has the right the step into our present activities to interrupt.  The reason is because what God has to say or accomplish always stands significantly more important than anything we have going on in our lives. 

    To apply this truth to the advent season, consider the engagement between Heaven and earth when the angel showed up!  In Biblical history, when an angel showed up, the message was received as if the voice of God had been heard.  When an angel showed up, there would historically be one of only two possibilities:  the possibility of a really bad announcement or the possibility of a really good announcement.  When an angel showed up, the purpose could be to serve the people of God, to execute or announce judgment, or to protect.  Or, when an angel showed up, the purpose would be to announce the exact word of God to fulfill His plan. 

    During the Advent season, we celebrate that at the perfect time, an angel showed up to deliver not only a life altering announcement to Mary, but a world changing announcement to all mankind.  The Scriptures state that “the angel came to her.”  A more accurate translation states, “and coming in” (NASB).  This translation explains the following: first, the appearance was abrupt; second, the angel entered into the very room occupied by Mary.  This reminds us how the message of Christ must invade the place we occupy so that, like Mary, our lives are altered forever. 

     In a similar way, the angel of the Lord showed up with the shepherds, and the announcement was made: today is born for you a Savior who is Christ the Lord.  On a dark hillside of tranquility, God interrupted the life of man with the same life altering message: Jesus is here. 

     Today, allow the message of the birth of Jesus to invade your life.  Allow the greatest announcement ever to contend with your holiday schedule, your shopping list, your wish list, your menu for the relatives, your holiday vacation schedule, and the purchase you have ready dreamed of with the Christmas bonus.  Allow Jesus to invade your life so that this season and always you are living life from an encounter with the very Son of God.  What part of your holiday routine can you adjust today to make room for a sincere focus on Jesus?  Today, allow the God Who stepped into humanity to step into your life to take over and love you as redeemer and King.  Welcome the needed interruption. 

Read: Luke 1:26-21

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