FRIDAY, December 7


This Christmas Season, find your way to the manger; bow before our Savior.  The angel announced, “Born to you this day in the City of David is a Savior who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11).

     Consider the Savior through the eyes of the sinner.  Sin broke the relationship man had with God from the very beginning of time.  Sin broke the bond and destroyed the peace.  Sin broke the life of man and ruined every attempt at finding peace with God.  The Bible explains this condition as lost – separated from God.  This lost condition is not a metaphor.  To be lost from God is the literal consequence of sin; this is real spiritual trouble.  Sin leads to destruction and death.  This death of the soul is caused by the absence of the very things that give life to the soul:  fellowship with God and favor with God.  Sin keeps us from these things and holds us captive until we are rescued.  Man longs for fulfillment and inner joy, peace, and satisfaction. The Bible teaches us that these longings are deep – deep enough to be called longings of our soul.  But, the very things our soul needs can never be achieved on our own because sin has robbed us of the opportunity.  From the time sin entered the world, mankind has needed saving – rescuing. Therefore, mankind needs a Savior. 

     Consider the Savior through the eyes of Heaven. Here is the real Christmas truth:  on that night Jesus was born, our Savior came.  He came.  We celebrate His advent.  His birth became a journey that began in a cradle and was destined for the cross.  He came!  He died!  He rose again.  He is the Savior of the world. The angels rejoiced in the first Christmas night.  Rejoiced!  The Bible tells us that there is joy in the presence of all the angels in Heaven over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10).  Heaven celebrates when a sinner is saved because Heaven celebrated the night our Savior was born.   

   Consider the Savior through your own eyes.  Look in the face of the babe in the manger; behold His glory.  He is the Christ, the Son of the living God.  And, on the basis of your faith in Him you are saved from sin and sin’s destruction.  Look at the Savior; worship Him. Realize that you, like everyone else, needs a Savior if you have not been rescued from sin.  And, the good news is, “You have a Savior!” By Faith, receive His love today. 

     This Christmas, find your way to the manger; bow before our King who came to save us.  He came to save us, and He is the only one who can save us because HE IS KING.  Worship the King. 

Read: Luke 2:11; Matthew 1:21; 1 Timothy 1:15; 1 Timothy 4:9-10

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