Sunday, December 2

Live Astonished

Today, rejoice in the beginning of Advent Season.  This represents your opportunity to see all things fresh and new. 

     Last year’s winter season brought to Virginia Beach a significant amount of snow.  (Well, for this Texan, I thought it was a significant amount; the usual experience of winter in the Lone Star state can often offer balmy temperatures ranging in the 80’s.)  My family and I were ecstatic to see so much snow.  The crisp blanket of white accented the shore line, and for us the landscape was indeed a sight to behold.  That is, until day ten.  The beautiful white became a dingy gray; the snow bordered the roads in mounds, creating traffic hazard after traffic hazard.  I found myself praying for the very heat that I had despised months earlier. Day one was, “wow, this is beautiful!”  Day ten became, “wow, I’m sick of this!” 

     I imagine many people not only go through snow storms like this, but also through the holidays in a similar fashion.  Day one: “Wow, what a wonderful time of year.”  Day 12 (if you are counting the days of Christmas):  “when will our house guest leave…when will we get back to a normal routine…when can we stop eating turkey and ham and have something normal like chicken fingers or pizza?”  Realistically, Christmas sometimes becomes a season we simply get through instead of a time to get lost in the wonder. 

     This Advent season, decide today that you will not sacrifice the wonder of Christmas on the altar of routine activity.  Seek a fresh and new look at the love of God, the truth of Jesus, and the wonder of the manger, the cross, and the empty grave.  Live astonished this Christmas season.  

Read: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4; Psalm 40:1-5

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